The hype about the Squid Game is all over the internet. Let’s see what it’s really about.

Squid Game episode 1 is a rollercoaster of adventures. Hwang Song-Hyuk’s South Korean, Korean-language production has already claimed the number one most-watched spot on Netflix and may become the most-watched series ever on the streaming platform. The eye-catching aspect of the series is a massive Bride of Chucky-style doll with blood on her freckled cheek and something wrong with her eyes. People are freshly murdered in the background, lying around like scattered, piled trash. It is going to be a lot of fun.

Opening of Squid Games episode 1

  • The series begins with a flashback to eight children, one of whom is possibly a young Seong Gi-hun, the series’ soon-to-be-unveiled protagonist, playing the eponymous “squid game.” 
  • It’s a cross between rugby and captures the flag in that you have to get from one side to the other while staying within specific perimeters and fighting your opponents.
  • The boy in the spotlight wins.

Fast forward to the older versions of the kids in episode 1

  • Now imagine yourself as an adult.
  • Oh Mal Soon and Seong are at home. 
  • She gives him money to treat his ten-year-old daughter, Ga-Yeong, to a birthday dinner. 
  • He wants more, claiming that he needs to get her a present. They have debts—his mother mentions his loan—and she goes out to sell vegetables with a stooped back. 
  • He discovers the credit card she hid after she leaves.
  • After he determines the PIN, Seong is very happy.
  • He goes to the betting track with a friend and wins big; these scenes are beautifully directed, the tension is heightened and confirms Seong’s addiction to gambling. 
  • He dials Ga-number Yeong’s and tells her she can have whatever she wants for dinner. 
  • The pureness of his fatherly love and the messes he makes for himself are both beautiful and disturbing. 
  • Then there are the Loan Sharks.

Background and intentions of Seong Gi-hun

  • Seong Gi-hun is a poor divorcee who works as a chauffeur. He’s in debt due to losing his once-secure job at a car manufacturing plant, a failed business venture, and gambling addiction. 
  • After winning $4,500,000, he calls his daughter and asks her what she wants for her birthday. 
  • Unfortunately, Loan Sharks spot him, and a pickpocket robs him of his newfound money
  • Gi-(Player hun’s 067) mother warns him that her stepfather will relocate her to the United States unless he demonstrates that he can financially support his daughter.

What happens after the Loan Sharks find Seong Gi-hun?

  • He goes to a secret location and gives a password to someone in the car.
  • Gi-hun is escorted to the games arena. He awakens in a room with 455 other people. 
  • The players were going to play play six games over six days, with the winner receiving a large sum of money. 
  • Player 324 inadvertently moves when the doll is silent.
  • He gets eliminated as a bang is heard when he falls to the floor. 
  • Player 306 screams in terror and is killed for moving after Player 324’s blood falls on her. 

How does the Squid Games episode 1 end?

  • Everyone eventually becomes either still or dead, with the voice reminding them of the game’s rules. 
  • Gi-hun follows Sang-woo’s advice and hides behind another player, but gets killed. 
  • Sae-byeok threatens Deok-su and forces him to let the doll catch him. Gi-hun is almost to the finish line when he trips over another player’s corpse. 
  • Ali Abdul, Player 199, saves Sae-byeok by catching him before he falls and hits the ground.

Why is episode 1’s name “Red Light, Green Light”?

  • The first game for the players is “Red Light, Green Light,” which follows the same rules as the childhood game. 
  • When the host says to move, they should move and stop when they turn around. 
  • The doll, as mentioned earlier, serves as the host; she is a murder motion sensor. 
  • The players are shot down even if they accidentally move.
  • Soon after that, their smiling faces disappear from the Front Man’s virtual checkerboard.

Characters introduced in Squid Games Episode 1

Other characters introduced include: 

  • Seong’s friend Sang-Woo, who is not “on a business trip abroad.” 
  • the sharp-witted Kang Sae-byeok
  • the kind older man Oh II-Nam, who is 001
  • the nasty Jang Deok-Su
  • Ali, who grabs Seong’s neck to save him.


At the end of the squid games episode 1, Those who cross the finish line in the allotted five minutes complete their victory in a frenzy of terror and disbelief. In the episode’s final sequence, a roof smoothly closes the arena, painted to look like the surrounding forest and perfectly camouflaged. We understand as the camera pans over the forest and out to the island. This arena is a place where atrocities occur with no one knowing.

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