Color coated sheets and some interesting facts.

Color coated steel sheets have become a popular choice in the construction business. Usage of these sheets is mainly in industrial and commercial settings. However, there is a growing trend of incorporating them in residential construction as a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing alternative to other traditional solutions.

Manufacturing of color coated steel sheets

Color coated steel sheets are typically constructed of cold rolled steel or aluminum and come in various thicknesses. Color coated sheets manufactured of cold rolled steel are the most durable and provide the best value for money over a long period.

The manufacturing process of color coated steel 

The essential structure of the color coated steel sheet that we manufactured is as follows:

  1. The Top Layer of the Paint
  • The top paint acts as a sunscreen in color coated steel sheet, making the sun and ultraviolet rays stand out on the exterior.
  • When the top paint reaches a specific thickness, it can form a dense shield layer, reducing water and oxygen permeability.
  1. Bottom Layer of Paint
  • Bottom paint improves adherence to the substrate and prevents paint desorption after water contact. 
  • At the same time, corrosion resistance is improved since the bottom paint contains corrosion inhibitor pigments such as chromate pigment, which can enhance corrosion resistance.
  1. Material for cladding
  • Galvalume is an excellent cladding material with double the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel. 
  • Furthermore, the galvalume component can increase the service life of color coated steel sheet by 2-3 times.
  1. Cold-rolled material
  • The substrate of color coated steel sheet is usually always a cold-rolled plate.
  • The cold-rolled substrate determines the mechanical characteristics of color coated steel sheet.
  1. A layer of chemical conversion
  • It can assist the coating paint in increasing adherence and durability, similar to the bottom paint’s performance plus a layer of protection.
  1. The layer of paint on the back
  • The back paint’s bonding capabilities and adhesive should always be investigated if utilized as a composite board because of theoveresposure to the back side of a color coated steel

Advantages of using color coated steel sheets

There are various advantages to using color coated steel sheets. You can learn about the advantages of using it in the points below:

  1. Durability
  • These steel sheets can survive for nearly a century with little maintenance. They are in high demand in the building business due to their endurance. 
  • They have a high tensile capacity at relatively low temperatures, are thermally friendly, and maintain their toughness in most of the weather conditions. 
  • These sheets without breaking, may also withstand enormous loads. 
  • The color coated steel sheets are not easily torn. 
  • These sheets are long-lasting and secure.
  1. Aesthetic Value
  • Color coated sheets are available in various colors and thicknesses, making them excellent for architectural and construction applications such as rebuilding a knockdown.
  • They are increasingly employed to meet the needs of consumers in airports, resorts, hotels, and offices.
  1. Corrosion-resistant
  • The coating on the surface of galvanized steel sheets prevents rusting and deterioration.
  • This trait ensures the roofing sheet’s long life and the overall structure’s durability.
  • color coated sheets of different hues are made by a chemical method. It guarantees that they keep their color and shine for a long time.
  1. Eco-Friendly
  • Color coated sheets are recyclable as well as reusable. In comparison to traditional products, this makes them a particularly eco-friendly product.
  1. Withstands the weather
  • Color coated roofing sheets resist adverse weather conditions such as extreme summers and winters. In harsh weather conditions, the sheet’s quality stays unaltered.
  1. Heat conductivity is low.
  • The color coating has great insulating capabilities.
  • The layer prevents excessive heat from passing through, ensuring a cool and secure environment within the property.


Color coated steel sheets are used in residential constructions, instead of galvanized steel sheets. It provides a more aesthetically pleasing look. These sheets are used in multiple buildings and construction work. Color coated roofing sheets not only improve the structure’s visual value, but they also provide various extra benefits.

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