Minecraft bounce houses are one of the simplest Minecraft builds that players of all skill levels should be able to complete. All players will need to get started are a few slime block stacks and an idea of how they want their build to look. Minecraft players can’t go wrong with a bouncy house because there are many different themes, add-ons, and appearances to choose from.

Building a Minecraft bounce house

Building a bouncy house yourself in Minecraft is a simple task. It’s straightforward, but it’s a lot of fun! Let us speculate on what a horror-themed bouncy castle might look like. You can jump from the plank into the bounce pit to reach heights that make you feel like you have wings. Grab your gaming chair, sit, relax and begin your construction journey in one of the best ps4 games.

Steps to build a Minecraft bounce house

  • Determine the size of the structure and outline the perimeter with your preferred block (or blocks).
  • Create a shallow pit inside the border. It needs to be at least one block deep.
  • It would help if you used slime blocks to fill in the pit. Players who want a nice light source can add glowstones or shroomlights below these.
  • Return to the perimeter and construct five-block-high walls.
  • Build the walls up another four or five blocks, leaving one side mostly open for your bouncy house’s entrance.
  • Players should install iron bars in every other column of this new wall section. It should give your bouncy house the appearance of having netting around it, just like a real-world one.
  • Create the roof.
  • Glowstone or shroomlights can be added to the ceiling. It will make an excellent light source.
  • Build a flight of stairs leading up to the entrance and a small platform for players to jump off.
  • Finally, construct a second set of stairs leading out of the bouncy house.

A simple bouncy house construction

  • You can start with the basic square building for a simple design like the one in Amusement Park. 
  • You can use wool blocks, but you can use any blocks you want. 
  • Avoid using snow or ice blocks to prevent the structure from melting when light sources are added. 
  • To create a colorful look, use different colored flags and wool blocks.

Structure of a Minecraft bounce house

  • The structure of many bouncy houses or bouncy castles is similar. Each corner has four towers connected by walls. 
  • People play on them in the center square surrounded by these walls, using inflated material and air to create the spring that gives them their bouncy name. 
  • They are usually made of bright, vibrant, and colorful materials, all of which can be found in abundance in Minecraft. 
  • The best candidates for blocks are concrete blocks in the colors red, orange, yellow, and light blue. 
  • The participants will need 52 light blue concrete and 40 other concretes.

Why do players in Minecraft need bouncy houses?

  • As the name implies, a bouncy house requires players to jump higher than they would typically be able to. 
  • Otherwise, it’s just a regular, unbouncy house, not a bouncy house. 
  • While the game cannot use the air that a real-world bouncy house would, there is a single in-game block that players can use in this manner.

Where does the bounce come from?

  • These blocks are made up of nine slimeballs that are dropped by slimes.
  • These mobs can be found at night, near the full moon in swamps, or large numbers underground in set slime chunks. 
  • Slime blocks are typically used to hold blocks together, but they also have the unique property of being very bouncy, making them ideal for bouncy house construction.

How to add bounce in Minecraft bouncy house?

  • To begin, players should construct a light blue concrete square with ten blocks on each side. 
  • Then, they should create checkerboards of yellow and orange concrete on the square’s inner corners. 
  • The inner sides of these tiny checkerboards should be connected by red concrete, with the remaining area filled in by light blue concrete. 
  • The player should then remove the two middle red concrete blocks on whichever side they want to be the entrance. 
  • Players should use slime blocks to replace these blocks and fill in the middle section. 
  • These blocks will give the bouncy house more bounce.


A Minecraft bounce house is a fun and simple addition to a Minecraft map. They are simpler to construct and jump around. Its construction is flawless. Anyone can easily include a bouncy castle on their map. The bouncy house is the most uncomplicated Minecraft build that any level player can complete. A player should first consider the number of slime block stacks and an innovative design for their building. They can make it more creative and exciting by incorporating particular themes and jumps.

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