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You can have PS5 power cord replacements in many ways. Perhaps you misplaced the power cord that comes with the Sony Playstation 5 or the PS5 when you first bought it. Then a replacement power cord is an intelligent investment. Because the power cable is a necessity you need to make the machine work. Having an extra one for a bad time saves you extra money so you don’t have to urgently rush out and buy one when you need it at that time,

PS5 Power Cord Available Replacements

You can choose your desired PS5 power cord length, the length you’ll most frequently use. That’s because it comes in a 3′, 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, and 15′ length options.

1. Tpltech AC Power Cord

If you are looking to relocate your PS5 and it is not near the power socket, then the Tpltech power cord  for PS5 is the best option to handle this problem some of its main features are given below:

Main Features:

  • Available in seven different lengths.
  • This cable is compatible with PS3, PS4, PS5, and other versions of the Xbox.
  • Also works for game consoles, LED, LCD TV, laptop, monitors, sound bars, printers, and other devices requiring an AC cord.
  • Boost the power supply to all the devices connected to it.
  • Has a figure 8 design.
  • It is UL-certified, and it will protect against overheating, over-current, and short-circuiting.
  • Moreover, it has two slots with 18 AWG x 2C.

2. PWR+ Power Cord

If you like to pair a matching cord then the PWR+ power cord for PS5 is the one made for it because it is white This doesn’t affect its ability to do the job if you like clean lines when setting up your game system.

Main Features:

  • This power cord is 6ft long.
  • It has a typical figure 8 connector and 3-prong plug meeting IEC-60320 standards.
  • This PS5 connector is a C7 and has a power plug fifteen-pin NEMA.
  • It is designed to handle up to 300V, much more power than your PS5 can handle.

3. Bicmice AC Power Cable

If you are looking for something a bit shorter, then you should replace it with the Bicmice AC power cable for PS5.

Main Features:

  • This cable comes in two options, 6ft or 12ft, depending on which one you want.
  • It has the standard 2 prongs NEMA 1-15P plug offering
  • It delivers 7 amps of power at 125 volts.
  • Considering the main benefit that this cable is non-polarized while, the original PS5 is polarized.
  • On the other end, it has the standard C7 connector.
  • This cable is molded and the connectors are clutched to reduce the possibility of damage when plugging and unplugging your PS5.
  • Bicmice offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee and will also exchange the cable for free for up to two years if it has a manufacturing fault.
  • It weighs approximately 3 ounces so it is easy to carry.

4. Trospow Power Cord

The Trosplow replacement power cord for PS5 is also a great option for you. As it is durable and comes with great benefits.

Main Features:

  • It is just over 8 feet long, letting you position your PS5 almost anywhere in the room. 
  • It has the standard 2-prong plug and the C7 connector ready to slot straight into your PS5.  
  • It delivers 10 amps or 7 amps at 125 volts via the IEC-320 C7 connector. 
  • This cable is fully molded to help protect your PS5 and you from any electrical issues. 
  • Durable and helps to ensure performance. 
  • It weighs approximately 4 ounces, and comes with a 12-month warranty, making it a reasonable investment.

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As we know the PS5 power cord is a basic necessity, even if your power cord is working perfectly well, it is worth investing in an extra, you never know when you might need it as long as you are playing. It is worth the few dollars it costs.

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