black spot on iPhone screen

Is there any black spot on iPhone screen? If yes, then no need to panic. There are excellent tips which can help you out. So stick around to know how to fix this issue. iPhones are one of Apple Inc.’s most popular products because they are of high quality, have a lot of cool features, and are safe to use. Can black spots on the phone screen be fixed for all those who are thinking? People like their iPhones better. But with this high-end quality comes a high-end price, so they are pretty expensive, and even minor damage can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Why is there a black spot on iPhone screen?

There could be more than one reason for this problem. Here are just a few of them on how to fix a black spot on iPhone screen.

  • Black spot on the phone screen after dropping your iPhone and killing the pixels in that part of the screen.
  • Your iPhone must have some software bugs.
  • The charge on the pixels was wrong. You can try turning your phone off and on again, which should fix the problem.
How to RecognizeBlack spots on screen: FixableHow can I prevent a black spot on iPhone screen?Fix the dark spot
Black spot on the iPhone x screen may be damaged if there’s a dark area. Go to an Apple Store and have them check it, or read this page to identify it yourself.iPhone screen replacement fixes black sites. However, it may return if dirt or debris causes the black area.Always using a screen protector may avoid further black patches. iPhone owners should use a screen protector.Follow these instructions to clean your screen and remove clutter from the display. First, try a blower. Blow into your phone’s corners until dust appears.

Do the black spots on phones get bigger?

When something builds up in one area, it can show up, usually from the back of the phone. If you answer the question, the answer can get out even if you turn off your phone. Don’t forget that the “L” in Lcd means “liquid.” It doesn’t matter if a black spot on the iPhone screen after dropping it or if your cell phone is turned on or off. But it won’t spread if the pixel is dead.

How do you stop the spread of dead pixels?

You can use a peel-off office sticky note to help you. It enables you to figure out where the dead pixels are. Then it’s up to you to turn off the LCD. The cloth should be wet. Then, press down on the area to turn on the LCD. Therefore, a black spot on the phone screen spreads. Then, it’s your job to take the pressure off the display. Think about how unlikely these pixels will fix themselves over time. You can’t fix it in any standard way to a black spot on the iPhone screen. But you can get stuck pixels to work again by turning them on and off.

How to fix a black spot on an iPhone screen in simple steps

This part tells you how to get rid of black spots on cracked iPhone screens and solve the problem quickly and easily, and you can follow the instructions to do so.

Step 1: Use a dry cloth to clean the screen

Don’t forget to clean your phone the right way. It might get gross and sticky over time if it’s not possible. In this case, you should clean the screen with a dry cloth or a microfiber cloth. However, how do you remove the black spot on iPhone 11 screen? First, make sure you don’t try to use paper towels because they are very rough on the net. Also, you shouldn’t use materials like Windex or ammonia-based sprays to clean the screen because they could damage the finish.

Step 2: Use rubbing alcohol and a cloth to

Suppose you drop the phone, and a black spot on the iPhone screen shows. But it’s hard to get rid of these, so your phone looks dirty. You shouldn’t want your phone to look messy because it can make you feel bad. Using rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth, rub out these spots without harming the display or leaving any stains behind.

Step 03 Take it to an Apple-approved service provider.

If you run across this issue, you’ll notice something off with how text and pictures are displayed. The problem is that Apple doesn’t sell new screens, so if yours breaks, you’ll need to take it to an official repair shop. If you face this black spot on iPhone screen issues, You may take it to an Apple Store and spend over $100 on maintenance. You will need to buy the appropriate replacement kit to change the screen. If you’re starting with repairs, it’s not too tricky, and you may save a lot of money by doing things the old-fashioned way.

Step 4: Dry any water droplets

 So, you first need to make sure that any water droplets are completely dry with rubbing alcohol. As soon as it happens, you should use a cloth or paper towel to black spot on iPhone screen and clean it up. It lets you rub the affected area in small, circular motions. Don’t forget to continue the process for thirty minutes or until all the residues are gone. So, your display can be neat.

Step 5: Ask for help from experts.

Because of the problem, it might be hard to use your phone, so you can’t use it easily. Keep in mind that it’s a sign that something horrible is going on with your device. But to fix the issue, you need to bring the phone in to have the screen repaired or replaced by a professional. You can get rid of the black spot on the iPhone screen with their help.

How to take care of your phone screen

black spot on iPhone screen
  • Always clean the screen with a microfiber cloth. It is better for the screen than wet wipes and won’t leave any dust or lint.
  • Don’t spray your phone with window cleaner because it can hurt the sensitivity of your screen over time.
  • Is the black spot on iPhone screen spreading? If you need a nice place to store that dirty tissue, tuck it between layers of clothing so it won’t get on your clothes or other surfaces.
  • Don’t pick at those black spots. Instead, use an oiled cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean them. Rub until there is no black spot on iPhone screen, and then rinse with only water (no soap). The same should be true for your fingers.
  • Don’t try to get rid of the black spot if it’s really stuck on. Instead, get a new phone or a new screen protector.


Now you know how to cure black spot on iPhone screen. Some of these ways may seem strange, but they’re worth trying if nothing else works. Simple. Applecare or an Apple shop can remedy your iPhone’s dark spot. Follow our procedures to repair your phone yourself. Thanks for reading!

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