how to recharge a disposable vape with an apple charger

Vaping is getting more popular. Compared to smoking, they are more practical, less hassle, and safer. Due to the fact that they provide a cigarette-like feel without the negative health effects, they are also a popular option for those attempting to stop smoking.

The lack of a perfect power supply for e-cigarettes is the biggest problem. If you use a vaporizer on a daily basis, you know how to recharge a disposable vape with an apple charger to keep your battery charged. Then you are out of trouble. 

Unfortunately, batteries sometimes die rapidly, and keeping them charged is a pain. 

101 Ways: How to Recharge a Disposable Vape With an Apple Charger- Why and How

how to recharge a disposable vape with an apple charger

It is feasible to use Apple charging to power some of the disposable vapes. However, some companies on the market now provide the option to buy a rechargeable, disposable gadget. This means that the battery may be used several times before needing to be replaced. In any case, after the vape juice is gone, it should be thrown away.

Imagine you just bought a disposable vape with a rechargeable battery, and the battery has died. But there is still e-liquid left in the device. In that case, you can use your regular micro USB, or USB-C cable plugged into an Apple charger.

When your battery life starts to reach dangerously low, it may cause genuine concern. So, if you are familiar with how to recharge a disposable vape with an apple charger, you will have no trouble at all!

Use an apple charger to power up your disposable vape, then follow these steps:

1- Take Out The Vape’s Battery

In order to reach the battery compartment of an e-cigarette, you must first unscrew the device’s base. Next, slide the battery out of the compartment by pressing down on the battery release button with a coin or other flat item. A magnetic battery cover may be easily removed for charging if your gadget has one.

2- Link Your Battery To Your Charger Via Cable

You should understand how to charge a vape with wires. Connect the red and black wires to your vape’s battery and then plug it into your phone’s charger. Join the red and black wires of the charger together. The colours red and black denote positive and negative, respectively. The second option is to use an Apple charger by connecting the vape’s charging cord to the device.

Disadvantages Of Disposable Vape

Using rechargeable disposable vape has a few disadvantages. To begin, they are not as eco-friendly as reusable vapes. Second, there is the possibility that they may end up costing more money overall. Third, disposable vapes aren’t always as dependable or effective as reusable ones. Lastly, if you use a disposable vape, you may not be able to adjust the flavour or nicotine strength.

Only beginners and frequent travellers should use disposable vapes. An experienced vaper often uses a high-wattage mechanical mod

Final Words

It is important to know how to recharge a vape USB- C. Using an iPhone charger can provide a quick boost of power for your disposable vape when you’re in a problem. To charge, just remove the charging port’s cover and connect it to the USB end of the power supply. Please remember to switch off your vaporizer before proceeding.

As soon as the charging light turns green, you know it’s completely charged.


Why does a vape require a charger?

In order for a vaporizer to work, it must be charged. The electricity from the charger is used to heat the vape’s coils, which in turn generates vapour. The vape would be completely worthless without the charger since it would not be able to emit any vapour.

How do you charge a vape?

There are a few different methods to recharge an e-cigarette. Using a USB charger is by far the most popular option. A wall charger, or even a charger for use while driving, is also an option. Connect the charger to the battery and let it charge for the specified time to fully recharge your vaporizer.

In what time frame must a vape’s battery be recharged?

One daily charge is roughly right for the typical vape user. However, heavy smokers may find that they need to recharge it more often than others. The vape’s battery has to be charged for at least two or three hours before you can use it.

Can a vape be charged with a regular phone charger?

Charging a vaporizer with a phone charger is not safe, unfortunately. Although both vapes and phones utilise lithium-ion batteries, a phone charger is not designed to charge a vape effectively. In addition to being unsafe, charging a vaporizer using a phone charger may cause the battery to overheat.

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