The USB express driver development kit offers a full host and device software solution for connecting USB microcontrollers and the bridge to the (USB). The fixed-function bridge device integrates a USB 2.0 Full Speed controller. The UART interface in a single-chip solution helps reduce bill of materials (BOM) cost for space-constrained applications. It is based on Silicon Labs’ proven architecture, eliminating the need for costly external crystals, resistors, and other external components.

How to Manually Update Your USB Express Driver?

  • Open Device Manager first (right-click on My Computer, choose Manage and then find Device Manager in the left panel)
  • Select Update USB Express Driver Software by performing a right-click on the hardware component you want to update.
  • Pick “Manually select the new driver’s location” and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the driver.

Main Features of USB Express Driver

  • a maximum data transfer rate of 3 Mbaud
  • The leading-edge energy efficiency of 10 mA is the minimal active current.
  • The capacity to remotely wake up a dormant host device
  • Crystal-less operation and an integrated regulator minimize the cost of the BOM. USB battery charger identification capability (USB BCS 1.2 specification) to identify the type of charger connected to the system
  • Options for compact package sizes: 3 mm x 3 mm, 4 mm x 4 mm, and 5 mm x 5 mm QFN20, QFN24, and QFN28
  • royalty-free drivers for virtual COM ports
  • USB express driver configurator is one example of a cutting-edge, user-friendly software product that makes development easier.

Easier Connectivity

Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio development environment now includes native support for USB express bridge devices. It makes it easier to incorporate USB connectivity into embedded systems. Developers can easily set and program desired USB-to-UART parameters. They can generate required changes and take advantage of factory programming options using a GUI-based USB express driver configurator application. Virtual COM Port (VCP) device drivers enable the product to appear in PC applications as a COM port. Silicon Labs’ CP2102N USB bridge controller is supported by the CP2102N-EK evaluation kit. It contains:

  • an embedded debugger for configuration,
  • headers for simple access to GPIOs and UART,
  • battery charger detecting pins,
  • a remote wake-up pushbutton.

The Efficiency of the USB Express Driver

With the rising use of USB in embedded systems, developers are looking for more efficient and cost-effective methods to integrate USB connectivity into their applications. The efficiency of the USB express driver is highly important. The highly integrated CP2102N USB-to-UART bridge controller from Silicon Labs is a simple, drop-in solution for adding USB to new ideas and updating current RS-232 designs to USB with little components and printed circuit board (PCB) space. 


  • Although Windows operating systems have a generic driver that allows users to transmit data via the USB interface, installing the necessary software can result in major modifications.
  • When the right USB software is loaded, PCs benefit from increased device compatibility, numerous solutions for USB difficulties, and additional modifications that can increase transfer speed with external storage drives.
  • Make sure that the download file is compatible with your system specifications, then download the package, launch the setup, and complete the on-screen instructions for a complete upgrade.
  • Keep in mind that, while other operating systems may be compatible, it is advisable to use this package only on the platforms listed. Furthermore, because technology advances daily, we urge you to utilize the most recent software constantly.
  • As a result, click the download button, obtain and install the current version, and enjoy your newly upgraded system. It is strongly advised always to use the most recent driver version.
  • Before installing a device driver, try to create a system restore point. If you installed an improper or mismatched driver, this would assist. Problems can develop when your hardware device is too old or no longer supported.


Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio development environment now includes native support for USB express driver bridge devices. It made adding USB connectivity into embedded systems easier. Developers may quickly pick and program desired USB-to-UART characteristics, make required tweaks, and take advantage of factory programming options using the simple, GUI-based Xpress Configurator application.

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