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There are many different settings for tab flow, including Tab index, maximum flow rate, and Table layouts. The key to tab flow is to find the right balance between flow rate and layout. Here are some tips to be determined. You should also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate tabs. Use the enter or spacebar to activate links and buttons. It is especially fruitful for people with disabilities. Fortunately, several simple methods ensure that each tab flows smoothly.

Tab order

A tab flow and order is a design feature that helps you navigate the tabs on your form. It is typically coded to follow the page’s layout, making it easy for keyboard users to find what they need. The up and down arrow buttons can move objects within the tab order. You can also use the mouse to select objects and hide them from the tab flow and order.

A form’s tab flow and order must match the order of focusable elements in the DOM and HTML. Otherwise, it can confuse the user.

Tab Index

When using a tab flow, ensure that you have set the correct tab index for each item on the page. By default, items that have a tab index of 5 or more are tabbed before those that do not. To change this behaviour, set the tab index of all items on the page to 100. The user will then tab the link to the correct page rather than a non-tab index item.

Using a tab index in the tab flow allows you to control the order in which the focus is placed on the page. You can also use it to set focus only on the active tab. It is useful for complex menus or widgets. However, it would assist if you did not use this attribute on an element that needs to be clicked with the mouse.

Maximum flow rate

When the flow controller reaches the setpoint, it will change the Flow tab to green. It also turns the Environment tab to 1/1. The green dot on the Flow tab means that the setpoint has been reached. If the flow drops too low, it will give you a warning message.

Table layouts

A table layout determines how the rows and columns will be organized. It determines whether you want a column on a single line or several lines. You can also change the number of cells per line and the width of the cells. However, the table’s width must not exceed the width of the output window.

The tab order moves from left to right along each row and column. The order of the controls can be configured so that the first repetition of each field appears first in the tab order.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation is here to help you navigate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation. You may need to configure your browser to enable keyboard navigation, but it will allow you to navigate interactive elements on your screen using the keyboard. With keyboard focus, you can click on different elements and move from left to right or top to bottom. You can also click on buttons and links.

Whether you use a keyboard or a mouse, you must coordinate the order of your keyboard tabs with the structure of your webpage. Your default keyboard navigation order should be intuitive and logical. It should follow the visual flow of the page, from the header to the footer.

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