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Are you willing to upgrade your graphics card or just want to clean it? Well, then you will have to remove graphics card from your computer. Removing a graphics card from a PC might seem a difficult task to many. However, there is nothing to be concerned about. You can manage to change or remove your graphics cards by keeping a few important things in your mind. Though the procedure is not complicated, there are some technical and safety aspects.

What is the Purpose of a Graphics Card?

A graphics card uses advanced graphical techniques to provide a high-quality visual display. It is also named Graphics Adapter, Graphics Controller, Graphics Accelerator Card, or Graphic Board. The purpose or function of a graphic card is to process and execute graphics to provide the best graphic user experience. A powerful graphics card assures better graphics. Read a detailed overview of the purposes and specifications of graphics and how to choose the right one.

If you remove graphics card from your computer, it certainly will not harm your PC. However, if you do not have IGPU, which comes with an integrated graphics card, you will not be able to use your PC without a graphic card. IGPU is a CPU that can process graphics on its own by using its cores. It acts both as a Central and Graphics Processing Unit. Want to know more about IGPU and its counterpart? 

Important Steps before Removing a Graphics Card from your PC

Uninstall Driver

First thing first! Uninstall the old driver before you remove graphics card. Uninstalling the older driver will create space for installing the new driver and avoid conflict between the old driver and the new one. Doing this makes it easy for your PC to accept the new hardware and improve its performance.  

Take Safety Measures

  1. Make sure to wear an antistatic wrist wrap before starting the manual procedure of removing a graphics card.
  2. Keep your tools handy so you don’t have to run them during the procedure.
  3. Unplug your PC, and make sure no cable is connected to the main power supply.
  4. Remove all the plugged hardware, including the mouse, keyboard, USB, monitor, and others.
  5. Take your PC to a clutter-free space so that you have ample space to work and keep your tools.
  6. Make sure not to lose any screws because you will need them again in a while.

Unscrew the case

Read the user guide before unscrewing the case. Generally, removing the case is pretty simple, and you need to unscrew the side panel. You will need screwdrivers to undo the screws. In case of any issue doing it, go through the user manual.

Remove Graphics Card

  1. Examine closely every part of the graphic card and locate all its connections.
  2.  You may also have to remove mounting brackets and water-cooling hoses using various methods according to the connection. 
  3. Find the screws of the graphics card and remove these. GPU gets disconnected from the panel but still be attached to the motherboard.
  4.  Detach the expansion slot. For doing so, you may need to pull the lever out or down, depending on the model of your PC and its manufacturer.
  5. Start twisting the card gently with keeping the lever down, and keep twisting gently until it gets detached from the slot completely. 
  6. Avoid exerting any pressure, as it may damage your graphic card.

Keep it safe

Wrap your graphics card in an antistatic bag and keep it safe in a box to avoid damage.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to remove graphics card.


Did you just remove graphics card? Imagine looking at the monitor without any graphic display or just simple text running down in front of your eyes without any picture or graphics to show up. Quite boring, right? That is why the graphic card has become an essential part of the PC system nowadays. Choose your graphics card wisely, the one that matches your requirement. Check their specification details carefully if you opt to change or just want to remove an older graphics card for cleaning purposes. Make sure to follow the steps cautiously, and don’t forget to take safety measures. With a little attention to detail and precaution, you can easily remove the graphics card from your PC.

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