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Using the Paycheck Calculator wv, hourly or salaried employees can determine their net or “take home” salary. Enter the necessary data below, including the appropriate wages, tax withholdings, and other information, and our tool will do the rest. Calculate your Take-home pay by using using the relevant federal, state, and local W4 data and up to six different hourly pay rates you specify. Thus, this calculator for hourly salary is ideal for people who get hourly pay in West Virginia. Change to the West Virginia wage calculator. 

Moreover, symmetry Software’s calculators offer broad recommendations and estimates. These calculators, creators, and affiliates do not offer tax or legal advice.

How paycheck calculator wv works 

Predicting how much money you will receive on payday can be challenging because your employer deducts taxes from your paychecks. Other perks, like healthcare, will also be paid for out of your wages. Thus, your employer in West Virginia deducts money from your paychecks to cover federal and state income taxes. Moreover, your wage, marital status, and whether you elect to have an additional dollar withheld from your paycheck all affect how much federal income taxes you pay.

Furthermore, your W-4 form contains all this information: how your employer determines how much to withhold from your pay. It’s essential to remember that Form W-4 and withholding calculations have lately changed at the federal level. Also, you may hear these taxes as FICA since they are withheld in compliance with the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). A worker’s social security tax is 12.4% of their salary. The same principles apply to Medicare taxes. So, you contribute 1.45% of your paycheck, while your company contributes the remaining 0.50%.

Hourly paycheck calculator WV

  • What is the hourly pay for your employee?
  • During this pay period, how many regular hours did your employee work?
  • Hours Added to Extra Time
  • When will you pay your employee?
  • How frequently you pay your employee?
  • Address.
  • Local taxes are base on location.
Paycheck calculator wv - what you need to know!

Advantages of having a paycheck calculator WV

Calculating your employee’s salary by including employee benefits like 401(k) plans and health insurance. Please provide any deductions your employee may have for business benefits.

West Virginia paycheck calculator stats

Depending on the taxpayers’ amount of income and filing status, West Virginia’s progressive state income tax has rates ranging from 3% to 6.50%. Individuals, couples, and heads of household who earn up to $10,000 in taxable income within the five-bracket system pay 3% in state taxes. Taxable income above $60,000 is subject to the highest tax rate of 6.50% for these taxpayers. Married individuals filing separately pay the same rates, but their income will be half. West Virginia’s income tax rate is somewhat in the middle of the pack as compare to other states that we can calculate by paycheck calculator wv.

These charges are levied against employees working inside Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, and Weirton boundaries. The lowest price is $2 every pay period in Weirton. Parkersburg employees pay $5 each pay period, Charleston employees pay $6 each paid month, and Huntington employees pay $10 each. It’s interesting to notice that these fees are on employee tax forms like municipal income taxes.

How to Affect Your Paycheck in West Virginia

Examine your W-4 form if you frequently find that you owe money to the IRS in April. If you worry about payment during tax season, you can choose to have an extra dollar amount from each of your paychecks. Say you wish to remove $50 from each check. If you put that amount on your W-4, your employer will start deducting it from future paychecks. By increasing your contribution to these accounts, you are lowering your taxable income, which could assist in lessening how much tax you owe.

Paycheck friendly places 

For areas across the United States, we considered four parameters to determine the most paycheck-friendly locations: semi-monthly paycheck, purchasing power, unemployment rate and income growth.

Semi-monthly paycheck The semi-monthly pay for a single person with two personal allowances was first estimated. Before determining the income tax withholding. We applied for all applicable deductions and exemptions. We assumed a $50,000 yearly income to compare withholding across counties more accurately. Then, we adjusted each county’s paycheck calculator wv amount to reflect the counties with the highest take-home pay or the lowest withholding burden.
Purchasing power A purchasing power index was then developed for each region. Also, the counties with the highest household income to cost of living are shown here. Then, we developed an indicator of unemployment that displays the areas with the lowest unemployment rates. We determined each county’s five-year average annual increase in median income for income growth before indexing the data.
Unemployment rate Finally ,to get a final paycheck friendliness score, we computed the weighted sum of the indices. We weighted semi-monthly paychecks at 50%, buying power. The unemployment rate, and income growth at 6% each. Higher numbers represent locations most conducive to salaries because the final number was indexed.


The Paycheck Calculator wv only provides broad information for West Virginia residents on the calculation of taxes on wages. Moreover, it does not take the place of guidance from a tax expert or accountant. Furthermore, the Paycheck Calculator might not consider every tax or fee you or your employer may be subject to at any given time. Zen Payroll, Inc expressly disclaims all liability, loss, or risk incurred by employers or workers as a direct or indirect result of its use and makes no warranties and promises in the Paycheck Calculator. You give up all rights or claims you may have relating to the Paycheck Calculator’s use by utilizing it.

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