Due to the most recent security patches for Android, google bypass moto is not very simple. But by using this approach, we’ve made it simple. FRP will be automatically activated when you’ve connected the Google accounts to the Android smartphone. After a factory reset, if FRP is enabled, the Samsung device cannot be used until you log in using your Google login and username that you previously created in the Samsung device.

What is Google account verification?

In order to learn how to do a google bypass moto we need to know that, Each Android smartphone was exposed to security and privacy risks before to the release of Android 5.1 OS Lollipop since anyone with access to your phone could easily circumvent the lock, whether it was a PIN or pattern lock, by performing a quick factory reset. Google implemented Google Reactivation Lock or Factory Reset Protection to address this problem (FRP). Now, only the device’s owner—who also knows the Google account credentials—can reset the device.

Why do you need to bypass google verification on motorola?

You cannot use your phone without bypassing the google verification on motorola. This is why you need to bypass this verification.

What is FRP?

FRP is a built-in data security mechanism for all modern Android smartphones that guards against unwanted access.FRP, which stands for factory reset protection, essentially safeguards the privacy and personal information of Android users during thefts. Every new Android version and phone has a different method for removing the FRP security. Keep your Gmail account information in mind at all times to prevent FRP protection lock.

Why do you have to remove FRp?

When you set up a Google Motorola Moto Phone, the FRP automatically activates. You must log in with the same Google ID and password you created earlier on the device to get around the Google account verification lock on your Motorola Moto phone after you reset it without deleting the Google Account.

These straightforward step-by-step steps will enable you to remove the Google account lock on your device in the event that it is stuck at the FRP lock verification screen and you have forgotten the account information.

How to remove Factory reset Protection?

If you forget the most recent active Gmail account that was used on your phone after doing a factory reset, following this comprehensive procedure will enable you to successfully unlock the phone. 

The method to unlock the Motorola Moto FRP has grown to be very difficult. You can also use any FRP bypass programme or FRP Bypass APK that is compatible with your phone to unlock FRP. As a result, try to carefully follow the steps below.

FRP Removal:

You must erase or delete the Google account from your Android smartphone in order to disable FRP lock before it takes effect. Otherwise, you must use the methods we mentioned below to remove the FRP lock.

To overcome the Motorola FRP Account, you must disable a few apps from this page

  1. Show System Apps by selecting the three dots. 
  2. Toggle between Force Stop and OK in Android Setup. 
  3. Use the Storage & Cache option to delete Storage and Cache.

Google bypass in motorola frp with computer:

A good Motorola FRP tool for computer-based Motorola FRP bypass is Motoreaper. Motoreaper, a Windows-based programme created by the Phonlab team, supports the majority of Motorola devices, including the Moto E, Moto X, Moto G, Droid Turbo, Droid Maxx2, and others.

  1. Install the Motoreaper software on your computer first, then download and run it.
  2. You must now power down your Motorola phone and then turn it on by pressing and holding the power and volume down keys simultaneously for a few seconds. This will put your phone in bootloader mode.
  3. Next, use a USB cord to connect your phone to your computer; the software will then correctly display the linked device.
  4. Then, unplug your Motorola phone and use the power and volume down buttons to boot it into the factory model utilising the bootloader mode. Use the power button to choose factory mode when it displays.
  5. Reconnect your phone to your computer and let it finish booting up. Then select I have finished from the menu.
  6. Your device is currently in factory mode, and you must select the I Confirm option.
  7. Use Debugging on your smartphone and then press I confirm at Moto Rapersoftware to proceed with the Motorola Google bypass.
  8.  You must click the Unlock No button that appears in the Moto Reaper software for the Google bypass Motorola procedure to be finished and the FRP lock to be lifted.

Google bypass moto frp without computer:

  1. Turn on your Motorola Moto phone first.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Join a WiFi network with your phone.
  4. Return to the original Welcome Screen
  5. Now simultaneously hit the Power Key and the Volume Up Key.
  6. Turn on Talkback by tapping Turn On.
  7. Again Quickly press the Volume Up & Power Key to activate Talkback.
  8. Now, draw the symbol “” (Reverse L)
  9. Then say Open Google Assistance after choosing Use Voice Command.
  10. Double-tap to choose the keyboard. 
  11. By pressing Vol Up and Vol Down, turn off Talkback. Type “Google” and press Enter.
  12. On the Google icon, click
  13. Now Speak “Open Chrome” into the “Google Mic” by tapping it.
  14. You will now be directed to the Chrome Browser.
  15. Any of the two URLs listed below can be entered by tapping the search field.
  16. https://tiny.cc/frptools \sOr \https://bit.ly/2NKxXYs
  17. Access the FRP bypass APK here: Select “Tap To Open FRP APPS”
  18. =>> Choose Open Settings App. You may access the settings for your device by tapping Open.
  19. Down there, choose Accessibility.
  20. Accessibility menu shortcut should be enabled =>> Allow =>> Just got it Return to the Settings menu.
  21. Open Apps and select All.
  22. tap on 3 dots, select show system
  23. Enable the accessibility menu shortcut =>> Allow =>> newly acquired Go back to the Settings section.
  24. fOrce stop it. 
  25. Select Force Stop and Disable Google Play Services from the menu that appears.
  26. Now Use the back key to return to the Main Welcome Setup Wizard screen.
  27. Tap on START
  28. Now it will be stuck at “Checking for Updates” screen
  29. Tap on the Accessibility Shortcut icon => Select Assistant
  30. Try it until you see the “Setting” button on your device’s display.
  31. Then click Settings. Set Google Play Services to “On”
  32. Return to the setup screen => Select “More (Google Services)” Accept
  33. Now Finish the setup procedure.
  34. Check to see if you were able to remove the frp lock from your Motorola Moto phone.

Unlocking the Motorola Passcode:

One of the most typical scenarios, aside from FRP lock, is when your Android phone, including a Motorola, has its screen locked. Therefore, the best tool we recommend is Dr. Fone-Screen Unlock if you have also lost your screen lock code or have a smartphone with a locked screen (Android). You may quickly and easily remove all forms of screen locks—PIN, password, pattern, and fingerprint—using this straightforward system-based software. The software is dependable and secure and won’t affect your device in any way.

How to unlock Motorola passcode manually:

  1. Perform an external phone reset.
  2. Charge your battery by at least 30%.
  3. Disconnect the phone.
  4. The phone won’t switch on unless you simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons.
  5. You must hold down the Volume Down button until Recovery mode appears.
  6. Restart in Recovery mode by pressing the Power button.
  7. Press and hold the Power button while holding down the Volume Up button if you see an Android robot with a red exclamation mark.
  8. Scroll to Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume buttons, then choose it by pressing the Power button.
  9. Scroll to Factory data reset using the Volume buttons, then choose it by pressing the Power button.
  10. Give the reset a few seconds to finish. Press and hold the Power button until the screen turns dark, then let go to restart the phone normally if the restarting process isn’t complete.
  11. If you reset your phone because you think a third-party app is causing issues, be careful not to copy all the apps when you set up the phone again. Use the phone for a bit after restoring each app one at a time. Install the next app and retest if the phone is trouble-free.


In this article we discussed how google bypass moto is carried out in Motorola phones. There are two ways you can do this either with a computer or without using a computer. FRP is essential for your mobile phone but you cannot bypass a google verification while having FRP activated so it must be removed in order to deter a verification process from google. You can also learn how to unlock a Motorola phone. 

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