squid game episode 3

The squid game episode 3 was the most intense, also called The man with the umbrella. Episode 3 has the main twist because many players return to the game knowing all the consequences, as they all were needy. One hundred eighty-seven players were ready to face the game rules that had a massive amount for the winner. The episode opens with jun-ho sneaking into the game location to know the truth behind the deaths and the game’s purpose.

What is a Squid Game?

  • Squid game is a famous Korean Netflix series Hwang Dong Hyuk has directed. 
  • The series contains nine Episodes. It tells the story of the needy people who were invited to play this game in their survival. This game offers an enormous amount of money to the only one who will be the winner. 
  • Each episode has different games that you must have played during childhood. 
  • Only one winner will be left at the end with the given amount. And the players who are unable to make will be shot to death.
  • Initially, most players voted to stop it and return to their old lives. But in the squid game episode 3, their circumstances made them helpless to join the game again. 
  • The desperate GI Hun first agrees to return along with the most players who turned out volunteering to go back to finish the game in hopes that they will win the life-saving price.

Summary of Squid Game Episode 3

  1. Players returning to the game 

The players left the game in the previous episode because they didn’t want to die. After returning to their old pathetic lives, they realized that living in hell with so many problems and no money is worse than playing the game and getting the chance to win the amount. They took the risk and got back to the game. All players called the given number and told them they were in for the game. The van came to pick up each one of them, put the mask on their faces, tied their hands, and gas came out that made them unconscious. After that, the game staff took all the players to the location.

  1. Jun-Ho chasing the van 

Jun-ho somehow managed to follow the van and reached the location from Where they took the players on the ship. Jun-ho kills Red suit number 29, taking his circle shape mask and uniform. He wore it, pretended to be the staff member, and went thito the location. The jun-ho key is to penetrate the hellish game and is the first revolution of the episode.

  1. The next game to play 

The game begins with the four different rooms sporting symbols, a triangle, circle, umbrella, and star. Each shape represents the game they’re playing called Sugar Honeycomb. The forms are sculpted into a piece of honeycomb. Their rule is that each player needs to remove the shape without breaking it. They will immediately be shot to death if any player breaks one of them. Sang-woo was smart enough to play this game. He chose the most accessible shape triangle and didn’t tell GI-Hun about it, who chose the hardest shape umbrella.

  1. Time limit 

Players got only 10 minutes to finish this game. Sang-woo, Ali, and player 67 all pass easily. As time sprinted, GI-Hun figured out that licking the shape could help to thin it and make it easier to cut the honeycomb. GI-Hun and player one pass right at the dead. One by one, all other players were killed. But one man holds a staff member at sprinted, GI-Hun. They both get killed down the road.

The things you learn from squid game episode 3

  • Stay focused.
  • Make a strategy.
  • Observe and do your task calmly.
  • Don’t trust anyone.
  • Be your leader.
  • Don’t rush to make decisions.
  • There is always a solution.
  • Your mind is your power.

These are the things you learn from squid game episode 3 to make your life easy.

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The squid game episode 3 has the main twist where most players come back to continue the game, which has a hefty price for the winner. Jun-ho chased them to the location and tried to know the truth behind the deaths. They had to take the forms out of the honey sugarcomb game without breaking them, or they will be killed.

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