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Fenix Arms were established in 1992, it is contemplated to have risen from the ashes of Raven. Raven Arms were a predecessor company owned by George Jennings, which was destroyed by fire in 1991. After which, Jennings retired and sold his designs to Phoenix. Phoenix is a firearm, and the U.S BATF states it as one of the Ring Fire Companies. The company was founded and owned by George’s Ex-wife, his children, grandchildren, and Raven’s former general manager. If you get any issues with phoenix products, you can give that to repair and replace them because they offer you a lifetime guarantee.

What products do Fenix Arms have?

The products of Phoenix Arms contain two pistols that are HP22A and HP25A.

  1. Phoenix Arms HP22A 

It is a single-action, Semi-auto 22 LR caliber pistol with a staggered 10-round Magazine that has been created in a compact and comfortable fit in the hand. HP22A is a 20-ounce weight, is 4.1 by 5.5 inches in size, and the features include a 3-inch vented Rib Barrel, serrated trigger, adjustable rear sight, magazine interlock with a manual slide hold open, external hammer, and firing pin block safety. They are designed for target ammunition and standard velocity. HP22A is available in satin nickel or matte black.

  1. Phoenix Arms HP25A 

It is a single-action semi-auto .25 ACP pistol with a 9-round capacity magazine that facilitates a compact and comfortable grip. Its size is 4.1 by 5.5 inches, weighing 20 ounces. The features include a 3-inch vented rib barrel, jagged trigger, convertible rear sight, magazine interlock with a manual slide hold open, external hammer, and firing pin block safety. HP25A is available in satin nickel or matte black finish.

How to Dissemble Finex Arms?

  • First, make sure the gun is unloaded.
  • Open the slide about ¼ inch.
  • Pull the takedown lever towards the muzzle.
  • Then lift it on the front of the barrel to remove it.
  • It will allow you to remove the slide from the frame.
  • After that, remove the recoil spring.
  • Then, take down the lever by lifting the assembly up and out of the frame.
  • Remove the left grip panel, exposing the thumb safety, magazine block, and sear spring.
  • Remove the right grip panel to gain access to the trigger bar and disconnector.
  • After cleaning, lubricate all the pivot and friction points.

These are the easiest ways to dissemble finex arms by yourself. You just need to be a little careful and focused while cleaning it.

What is Phoenix arm’s upgraded magazine safety role?

  1. You can remove the magazine. At the same time, the gun is safe, and check the chamber without a magazine in the weapon.
  2. It allows you to manipulate, load, and prepares the firearm at the range while on safe.
  3. The installation is effortless, and virtually anyone can perform it efficiently.
  4. There is no expensive Gunsmithing is required.
  5. Buying the partial pre-made guarantees correct functioning.
  6. If they want to sell or sent it to repair, it allows users to keep the original safety in case the firearm.
  7. It is cheaper once you factor in the cost of the tools necessary to make the modifications, your time, or the risk of damaging the part or firearm in the process.

Can you change the original safety?

If youre a hardcore of DIYs and would instead modify a replacement safety, then you should feel free to do so. It’s much better to do the modification on a spare in case you mess up or have to send the firearm back for warranty work.

To modify Phoenix arms upgraded safety above, you will need the following:

  • Genuine Phoenix arms original safety- part #208
  • Precision needle file set.
  • Birchwood Casey gun blue.

You just need to file off the protruding end and then make a recess in the corner to avoid interference.

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The Finex arms are a firearm that was established in 1992. The raven’s company was owned by George Jennings and got burnt down in 1991, then they sold it to phoenix. It has two products that are HP22A and HP25A, and both guns are semi-auto. Phoenix arms have upgraded. Magazine safety, making it a little easier to function.

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