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Do you want to know which of the two IP2 network or the tor network is better for you to protect your anonymity? In today’s environment of ISP, data retention is measured in petabytes, and governments and private enterprises pour vast supercomputing resources into traffic analysis. So people must ensure the liberties associated with anonymous information access and communication. Tor and IP2 are two of the most widely used methods for doing so online. Below we’ll discuss the comparison between the IP2 and Tor networks in detail.

What is an IP2 network?

It was designed from day one to be a true ‘darknet.’ Its primary purpose is to act as a “network within the internet,” keeping all traffic within its boundaries. The IP2 network has a minimal number of outbound relays, and those that exist are rarely functional. The IP2(Invisible Internet Project) is a public Internet-based system for anonymous communication. It is a peer-to-peer communications network that uses the Internet’s infrastructure, but end-to-end encryption and other methods are used to keep users’ identities secret.

Advantages of IP2 network

  • It is made to see secret services in the dark.
  • Only peers with high profiling and rating performance are chosen as peers.
  • Even if a perpetrator entered the tunnel, it would still detect activity.
  • Because the tunnels carrying the message are transient, an adversary cannot assault them. Tor tunnels have a long lifespan.
  • Every peer and user takes part in routing.

What is a TOR network?

Users can browse the Internet anonymously with TOR. It makes it possible for people to access the Internet safely. Through a network of thousands of volunteer relays, it establishes anonymous communication. It indicates that the communication spreads through thousands of peers, hiding your true location from law enforcement. You can use Tor to access and run so-called “hidden services.” These are servers that can only be accessed using the Tor network.

Advantages of TOR network

  • It has a bigger audience of users and followers.
  • More common in hacker communities.
  • Since TOR has more developers, the community funds it more.
  • TOR has substantially improved its ability to counter DOS attacks and unblock material.
  • Low bandwidth overhead is present.

IP2 network vs. TOR network: Speed Comparison

IP2 is not known for being fast, yet it is still quicker than TOR. You can get a maximum download speed of 1 Mbps if you attempt using torrent. You must choose an IP2 network if an effective out-proxy is something you’re interested in. The TOR network must be used if you’re interested in building a tremendous onion-routing network. The network of TOR is one of the causes of its slowness. The speed of your data tends to slow down as it passes through more nodes.

IP2 network vs. TOR network: Anonymity Comparison

The Tor browser runs by connecting to and from Tor routers over a network of encrypted tunnels. These routers are chosen randomly, forming a circuit where the router only knows the connections that came before and after. Numerous other built-in features of the Tor browser improve its privacy and security settings, including an always-on private browsing mode, restrictions on third-party cookies, the ability to disable the recording of browser history or website data, etc. These factors comble communication between Tor users to be reasonably anonymous and secure.

IP2 network, on the other hand, must be manually installed using the RP installer since it does not come with a built-in browser. To ensure that none of the message recipients divulge their lP addresses to outside observers, lP2 encrypts its data in many tiers (four layers altogether), and even the end nodes are cryptographic identities. While Tor’s primary goal is to allow users to access the Internet anonymously, lP2 is more concerned with building its community. Thus, a typical PC cannot access the IP2 network. Therefore, it is safe to assume that IP2 does provide a good deal of anonymity.


IP2 network and TOR are two different methods to make communication safer. IP2 builds its network and makes communication anonymous, whereas TOR offers a secure conduit for communication. In summary, both provide several ways to acquire information and browse the public Internet secretly.

IP2 is a true Darknet tool because it is a network inside of its Internet, giving TOR the advantage of efficiently enabling anonymous access to the open Internet. If you carefully contrast IP2 with TOR, you will see that both have benefits and drawbacks that should not be disregarded.

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