Hogster Stimulus is a type of a thermal sight which is used along with weapons, to see in the dark. It is mostly used by hunters to see in the dark and to not get distracted by any other thing. They have a built in scope and a user friendly menu settings so that the hunter does not get disengaged from the target and adjust the weapon accordingly at the same time. 

What is the Bering Hogster Stimulus? 

Any hunter on a tight budget who nevertheless wants to use thermal technology is the target market for this Hogster Stimulus Ultra-Compact Thermal Weapon Sight. The sight is incredibly portable, small i.e, 308 Cal. It is also tested. Using a quick release QR mounting method, HOGSTER RTM can be instantly mounted on any kind of rifles with Weaver/Picatinny Rails, making setup quick and simple. The HOGSTER RTM can also be utilised as a handheld scanner as a result of its small size.

hogster stimulus
Hogster Stimulus

What makes the Hogster Stimulus Special? 

The scope is nitrogen-purged, water-, dust-, and shock-proof, and it is ready for action in almost any setting or lighting, including those with environmental obscurants like smoke, dust, or haze. The HOGSTER RTM is simple to operate and has a user-friendly menu with straightforward controls for setup for the shooter’s demands without losing sight of the target, providing White, Black, and Colored polarisation, MIL-Dot, and Crosshair reticles.

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Features of Hogster Stimulus:

  • Thermal Weapon Sights from Texas-based manufacturer Bering Optics come with an unbeatable 4-year guarantee, a 600-yard detection range for hog-sized targets, and unrestricted night hunting magnification of 2.3x–4.6x.
  • With a 19mm superior Germanium lens and an incredibly sensitive Thermal Scope Vanadium Oxide core, the image is clear.
  • Choice of 4 colours for hot things (White, Black, Red & multicolor). 1024×768 high definition display
  • uphill-downhill indicator, stadiametric rangefinder, and inclinometer built-in with rifle canting
  • Among night vision and thermal scopes, one of the lightest (16.6 oz). QD Picatinny Mount Built-In
  • Maintaining zeros for four distinct weapons is possible using a 4-profile memory for zeroing calibration data.
  • 4 reticles are available. Thermal core calibration (also known as NUC) can be done automatically or manually.
  • front lens focusing with accuracy. Brightness, sharpness, and contrast are adjusted for comfort of the hunter.
  • IP67 water and dust resistance, nitrogen purged. Up to 8 hours with a runtime on two CR123 batteries


Optical Magnification, x2.3x
Digital Multiplication, X2X
Objective lens system19mmF/1.0
Angular FOV at 1.0x (horizontal x vertical), degree9.2° x 6.9°
Linear FOV at Native Magnification @ 100yrds (Horizontal x Vertical), ydsH16.1′ x V12.1′
Eye relief, mm40
Focus range, yds-1 to infinity
Diopter Adjustment, D-5: +5
Reticle W/E adjustment value at a distance of 100m (110yds)1″/2.53cm increment per pxl
Core resolution, pxl256×192
Pixel pitch, µm12
Image refresh rate, Hz30
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD), mK≤50
Display type and resolution, pxlLCOS 1280×960
Start-up time, min., sec.12
Animal type and size (Length and Height), approx., ft²Hog L16 & H19Coyote L5 & H2
Detection, approx., yds / m900 / 800460 / 420

Accessories recommended with Hogster Stimulus:

  • Watson Dual Rapid Charger and Lithium Batteries 
  • Boost Charge Power Bank
  • Pelican Case with Foam 
  • Sensei Optical Cleaning Spray 
  • Weaver Gunsmithing Torque Wrench
  • Mini Weapon light with Laser
  • Professional Bore sighter Kit with Case


The Hogster Stimulus Thermal Weapon Sight is a night vision accessory which you can attach to your weapon, it has a menu for settings, a built-in scope, scanner and thermal sight. 

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