PSO2 NGS best armor is different types of armor in Phantasy Star Online 2. It is a New Genesis (abbreviated “PSO2:NGS”) is a title in SEGA’s Phantasy Star series and the sequel to Phantasy Star Online 2. Despite having the appearance of a new game, New Genesis was released as an obviously large-scale update to the original PSO2 NGS and co-exists with it. 

How to find armor in Phantasy star 2?

PSO2 NGS Best Armor is NanoDripTM Technology-coated, providing optimal coverage over each leaf and bud, resulting in healthier, stronger plants. We recommend using your PSO2 NGS Armor as often as possible to maximize its effectiveness. Each application covers approximately one-eighth of your total canopy area. Outfits, Units, and Skill Rings are all located on the Armor Palette. Units are classified into three types: rear, arm, and leg. Each category allows you to equip one Unit. Units of the “Sub” type can be assigned to any slot. Skill Rings are classified into two types: L Rings and R Rings. Each category allows you to equip one Skill Ring.

  • Choose a slot in which to place a piece of Armor or a piece of Armor to place in a slot.
  • When the Candidate List appears, select [Remove] to empty the slot.
  • You can also transfer Armor from your Inventory to the Equipment Menu.
  • To find the proper instructions from the manual, you can find this on the Phantasy Star 2 website.  

The table below lists all known Fixa Augments that can currently be dropped randomly with weapons and armors.

fixa augments list

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What are armor set effects?

Subsequently, Set Effects are supplemental effects that only appear when certain matching Units or sets of weapons and Units are equipped. Normally, when two to four pieces of matching Units or armour are equipped, these effects will activate, providing significant stat boosts over what you would normally receive. A Set Effect is usually shared by equipment from the same series. Depending on the series, the supplemental effects vary. 

set effects screenshot

We can now take a look at the best armor list for PSO2. 

Best 3 armor list:

IconNamePropertiesDrop Info
1NGSUIItemPrimmArmor.pngPrimm ArmorHP +10Central City Item ShopCommon Drop
2NGSUIItemTzviaArmor.pngTzvia ArmorPP +2Central City Item ShopCombat Zones Lv.10+
2NGSUIItemSilverPrimmArmor.pngSilver Primm ArmorPP +2Drop from Battledia: Yellow
3NGSUIItemRenaissaArmor.pngRenaissa ArmorHP +10PP +2MEL (NGS) +1%RNG (NGS) +1%TEC (NGS) +1%Reward for completing Advice from Liu Lin II
3NGSUIItemTheseusArmor.pngTheseus ArmorHP +10PP +1Drop from Gigantix EnemiesUrgent Quest Drop
3NGSUIItemGoldPrimmArmor.pngGold Primm ArmorHP +10PP +1Drop from Battledia: Yellow
4NGSUIItemQualDeArmor.pngQual De ArmorPP +6Rare Drop from Resol ForestUrgent Quest Drop
4NGSUIItemVialtoArmor.pngVialto ArmorHP +30DMG Resist +1%Rare Drop from Vanford Laboratory RuinsUrgent Quest Drop
4NGSUIItemQualDeArmorArga.pngQual De Armor ArgaPP +4MEL (NGS) +1%RNG (NGS) +1%Red Container (Central Aelio)
4NGSUIItemQualDeArmorBelta.pngQual De Armor BeltaPP +4RNG (NGS) +1%TEC (NGS) +1%Red Container (West Aelio)
4NGSUIItemQualDeArmorSheza.pngQual De Armor ShezaPP +4 +1%TEC (NGS) +1%Red Container (North Aelio)
NGSUIItemVialtoArmorArga.pngVialto Armor ArgaHP +25MEL (NGS) +0.5%RNG (NGS) +0.5%DMG Resist +1%Rare Drop from Enhanced Enemies
4NGSUIItemVialtoArmorBelta.pngVialto Armor BeltaHP +25RNG (NGS) +0.5%TEC (NGS) +0.5%DMG Resist +1%Rare Drop from Enhanced Enemies and Mining Rig Defense
5NGSUIItemVijfArmor.pngVijf ArmorHP +30PP +4Rare Drop from Retem AlnotheRare Drop from Maqead Lower Level
5Vios ArmorPP +8MEL (NGS) +1%RNG (NGS) +1%TEC (NGS) +1%Rare Drop from Maqead Lower Level
Viosel ArmorPP +14Burn Resist (NGS) 20%Freeze Resist (NGS) 20%Shock Resist (NGS) 20%Blind Resist (NGS) 20% 20% 20% 20%Red Container (Rwh Maqead)
Rare Drop from Battledia: Purple (Retem Devastators)
5NGSUIItemGreasArmor.pngGreas ArmorHP -40PP +13MEL (NGS) +2%RNG (NGS) +2%TEC (NGS) +2%Burn Resist (NGS) -50%Freeze Resist (NGS) -50%Shock Resist (NGS) -50%Blind Resist (NGS) -50%Panic Resist (NGS) -50%Poison Resist (NGS) -50%Down Resist (NGS) -50%Rare Drop from Gigantix Enemies (Retem Region) and Battledia: Purple (Retem Devastators)
NGSUIItemVijfArmorBelta.pngVijf Armor BeltaHP +20PP +7RNG (NGS) +1%TEC (NGS) +1%Rare Drop from Mt. Magnus (Rank 3) and Battledia: Purple (Aelio Devastators)
5NGSUIItemVijfArmorSheza.pngVijf Armor ShezaHP +20PP +7 +1% +1%Rare Drop from Resol Forest (Rank 2)Rare Drop from Battledia: Purple (Aelio Devastators)


The PSO2 NGS best armor has been given an updated list of the newly updated genesis. It is now available on PS4 and PS5 along with XBOX. Thus, the game system and graphics engine have been completely overhauled. Moreover, the exploration has been changed from hub-based to a true open-world, as well as a new story and cast of characters set over 1,000 years after the events of PSO2.

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