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How often do you come across a situation where you want to perform a certain action on the internet yet keep it hidden? Without being noticed or tracked? Most of us don’t bother watching random postings on Instagram especially when it’s posted from public accounts. 

More to it, the purpose of a public account is itself to give free access to any user. It could be a business page or a random personal blog either. But never mind, some people still don’t want a privacy breach in-terms of viewing content. Out of millions of users, many would want to anonymously view content and feeds from different users or publicly accessible content. The question is, are there any smart tools or tricks available for it? 

The answer is YES. Anonymous Instagram story viewer is made for this purpose. It’s an online web application which enables you to watch as well as download the original content posted by a user. If you are interested in watching someone’s stories or posts, comments or likes without letting them be notified, just use this smart legal application. 

How To Use Anonymous Instagram Story ? 

There are several online free applications available for this. We don’t recommend buying or subscribing to any paid platform for this. Try any of them which has no glitches or low speed. Let us tell you a step guide about how to use these apps:

  1. Open chrome browser and search for anon IG viewer
  2. Enter the relevant username which you want to check at
  3. Select the content which you want to check by selecting from the options
  4. Choose either stories, posts, comments, likes or followers
  5. Press enter and the page will load with the desired result

In case you selected stories, it will show you all the stories posted within the last 24 hours. Same goes with complete posts of the particular user. 

Never Get Blocked On Instagram Viewer

Due to some personal reasons, sometimes users want to keep viewing the content but they find it hard to do so without being noticed. Sometimes users make fake accounts to avoid restriction or blockage from the other person. Using anonymous Instagram viewers, you can enjoy identity free checks on someone’s public account and open content. You can avoid unwanted restrictions due to your identity reveal. 

We all know that social media has penetrated deep into our daily lives. In almost all personal assessments and evaluations of a person, his content choice and feed postings on social media carry some weight. So it has become sort of habitual to regularly check stories and feeds from different people.

What You Can’t See? 

Anything, yes you can absolutely see nothing if the user has a private account. Whether call it disappointing or unfortunate, but this could be a fetal privacy break and would cause serious issues for Instagram. Hence no one is allowed to fetch private data on the largest imagery blog. You can enjoy being anonymous to only those who deliberately gave access to their content and willingly want others to watch their posts. 

Legality of Anonymous IG Viewer?

Before passing on words over the legality of anonymous IG viewers, we have tried multiple such platforms first. We had a thorough review of its functionality and the results. One thing is sure that you can’t see what is not open to the public. 

Hence, the matter of legality is not really valid here. Since most of these viewer applications can only show you the open content which is publicly accessible otherwise. The only difference is notifying the poster about visiting their feeds or checking their stories. You can hide your identity in many other cases too, using VPN is one such example. 


Like any other visual content platform, Instagram has its own dynamics. Anonymous Instagram viewer or similar applications enable you to take the desired content in its original resolution without letting the real poster know. Usually, it is used for commercial content posting from media houses or marketing agencies yet someone can use it for personal purposes too. 

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