Do you know those situations when you want to view your favorite YouTube videos and movies despite unstable WiFi? How about those times when you can’t find the download button for a YouTube video? Now you can download your youtube to mp4  and enjoy them offline, wherever you are and whenever you like.

It’s no secret that Youtube is flooded with copyright-protected videos. It would be best if you are looking for a free youtube to mp4 hd converter to download YouTube videos. Unfortunately, most outcomes are dubious at best and gravely hazardous at worst. But do not worry! Without jeopardizing the safety or privacy of your computer, we’ve uncovered several fantastic methods for converting your preferred YouTube videos into MP4 files!

What is a youtube to mp4 converter? 

Youtube to MP4 video converter is a tool that aids in youtube to mp4 hd download.  Your favorite youtube podcasts, live audio broadcasts, and movies can be saved as MP4 files using a YouTube to mp4 converter. The fundamental advantage of MP4 is its capacity for storing multimedia data, including text, audio, video, and images. HD and high-quality films and photos in the MP4 format are available in relatively tiny file sizes. Most YouTube to MP4 converters work similarly; the only difference is in their options. You only need to copy the YouTube link, adjust the MP4 format as necessary, and then let the software handle the YouTube download.

What is the MP4 Video File Format?

The term “MP4 file” refers to the.mp4 file extension-designated digital media file format. It is exclusively used to store audio and video files. The file format can also store other types of media, such as subtitles and photos that aren’t moving. Also, this file format is simultaneously one of the most globally accessible, user-friendly, and practical formats. Moreover the file format is secure and secured by utilizing DRM technology, which enforces copyright protection of digital media files. It can be thought of as a file that combines audio, video, still photos, and subtitles into one cohesive container. Advanced information such as menus, 3D graphics, and user interaction.

Is it legal to convert youtube videos to mp4? 

Using YouTube to MP4 converters for personal use is not against the law. These films, pictures, and text materials must be yours to monetize or submit to a public location. Utilizing MP4 converters for copyrighted content and reaping additional benefits from it would be outside of the law and could raise some contentious concerns.

Three Easiest ways to convert youtube Videos to mp4

1. Convert YouTube video to Mp4 using Ymp4

Using the online converter Ymp4 YouTube to MP4, you may convert your YouTube videos to Mp4 in 1080p full HD. Here is how to utilize Ymp4.

  • Step 1: Check out the Ymp4 webpage.
  • Step 2: Copy and paste the video URL into the box you wish to download and convert it to an mp4 file. 
  • Step 3: Press “Go” to start.
  • Step 4: Click the “Download Video” option to download and save your video. 

Furthermore, you may choose a video with a higher resolution from the menu and save that version of your mp4 video by clicking the “Download” button.

Convert YouTube Video To Mp4 Using Ymp4

2. Use Y2Mate to convert YouTube videos to MP4

Y2Mate is a simple-to-use programme and one of the best yt mp4 converters online. Using Y2Mate, follow these instructions to convert your YouTube video to an MP4 file.

  • Step 1: Check out the Y2Mate website.
  • Step 2: Copy and paste the youtube URL of the video you want to download as an mp4 and convert it to a different format into the box. Press the “Start” key.
  • Step 3: Hover your mouse over the “Download” icon to the right of the video file and resolution you want to download. Choose the 144p or 360p files to download if you prefer a low-resolution or smaller file size. Choose the 720p option if you want a high-resolution file and have storage space.

3. Use YT1S to convert YouTube video to MP4

This is a simple application for converting YouTube videos to MP4 files. 

Here is how to use the app to convert your YouTube video to an MP4 file.

  • Step 1: visit YT1’s webpage
  • Step 2: Paste the YouTube URL into the box if you want to download and convert it. Select “Convert mp4” from the menu.
  • Step 3: Click the “Download” button to save your video.

These three simple techniques can convert your YouTube video to an MP4 file. Use an online editor to trim, crop, add text, or add effects to your downloaded Mp4 to make great films in under ten minutes!

Top 10 Converters for Downloading YouTube Videos

If you are still deciding which tool to use to mp4 download youtube, we have compiled a list of options that are either free or affordable. Here are our suggested converters for YouTube videos to mp4 format. Let’s talk about each one separately!


With itubeGo, you may convert various video and audio formats in addition to youtube to mp4. The software generates a variety of video formats and quality levels that you may store on your PC or mobile device. With iTubeGo, you may also modify and download certain video clips. It also includes a built-in browser that makes accessing numerous video streaming providers simple. The fact that the converter’s free version only offers a few capabilities is the major problem with iTubeGo. online YouTube to mp4 converter is a guaranteed choice if you’re seeking a trustworthy and secure solution to youtube to mp4 download. You won’t need to install any software to download YouTube videos in HD because our free converter is web-based. You can save the mp4 file to your device by simply dropping the video link. The incredible thing about is that in addition to only letting you download videos, you can save them to the company’s cloud hosting platform, edit them online to your preferences, and live stream videos to various platforms easily.

4k downloader 

The 4k Downloader is another excellent YouTube downloader that free download youtube to mp4  and lets you download high-definition videos from several well-known websites. It is free and may be upgraded for more features with a premium membership. With the YouTube MP4 converter, you can download videos in the best MP4 format to your PC. You can download these videos in both 4K and 8K versions. Additionally, you can extract audio and subtitles with the program.

The major drawback is the app’s need for features in the free version. Additionally, the MP4 converter will bombard you with many advertisements throughout your free trial.

Snap downloader 

Snap Downloader is one of the top YouTube to mp4 Converters since it provides fast download and conversion speeds. It lets you download videos in several resolutions, including 1080p HD, QHD, 8K, and 4K. The software allows for limitless conversions of ytmp4 from more than 900 websites. Additionally, you are free to download as many files at once as you like. With the help of this tool’s proxy configuration settings, you can circumvent geo-restrictions and plan downloads for a specific day and time. It permits downloading playlists and channels from YouTube in bulk. 

The free version of this utility is only available for 48 hours before you have to upgrade to a paid version.

ByClick downloader 

ByClick Downloader is one of the best youtube to mp4 hd converter and offers simple methods for downloading and converting YouTube videos. You can quickly download entire YouTube channels and playlists. With ByClick Downloader, you may download movies in resolutions of 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K and convert them to MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, 3GP, WEBM, MKV, WAV, AAC, and M4A. You can keep track of your downloads with this YouTube downloader, and it offers tailored suggestions.

Unfortunately, ByClick Downloader is only compatible with Windows, and the free edition of the software only offers a few capabilities.


2CONV is a great option if you’re seeking a tool to convert youtube in mp4 files. With 2CONV, every YouTube video may be converted to MP4, MP3, and AVI on any device. You may also download a converter app for Windows, Android, and Mac PCs. The top-notch online YouTube converter is a great tool for quickly converting videos from various sources. Within minutes, up to 99 files can be transformed! Paste the video’s URL into the tool’s given form on the website to start using it.

It is crucial to remember that the mp4 download youtube only permits downloading videos that are no more than 60 minutes. Therefore, it could be advisable to choose a different choice if the video files you wish to convert are lengthier.


YTMP3 is an additional free tool you may use to download YouTube videos. Using this tool, any YouTube video may be instantly converted to MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) and then downloaded for free. Mobile, tablet and desktop computers can all use the service. It would help if you were informed that this free program could only convert 90-second or shorter videos.


WinX is an excellent additional tool for saving your favorite  YouTube videos in mp4 youtube. You may convert and save high-quality MP4 files with superb resolution directly from YouTube using WinX, a video downloader. It enables you to download movies from websites other than YouTube, including Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and others. WinX allows you to watch live YouTube streams and download playlists and channels. You can instantly fetch the supported video formats by clicking the “Paste URL and Analyze” button.

However, to use this converter, you must install the necessary software. Additionally, the free version of WinX only offers a few functionalities.


VidJuice is another of the top youtube to mp4 converters and downloaders. You may download and convert videos at once from up to 1000 video websites using VidJuice. The software features an 8K HD video output option and supports multiple file downloads. To save the videos in your favorite channels and playlists, click the “Paste URL” button.

VidJuice is compatible with the video file types MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, and M4A. You cannot use the programme on a mobile device because it only works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and macOS ten and higher. Additionally, the free trial’s functionality could be more robust. is a user-friendly web solution for converting YouTube videos. All you have to do is click Convert Now after uploading the video you want to convert in youtube mp4. When your conversion is finished, the website will instantly lead you to a download page where all your converted files are waiting for you. It will then give you an estimate of how long it will take for your conversion to finish. The maximum upload size for each file is 100 MB (megabytes). Therefore is not your best bet if you want to download a longer video.

The Bottom line

Remember that each tool on the list enables users to convert free videos for personal use only before converting any YouTube video. Before downloading and converting copyrighted videos, you must have the owner’s permission. They can all convert YouTube videos to MP4 formats. But you have to choose the one that best suits your requirements. Which YouTube to MP4 converter are you going to use?

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Frequently asked questions 

Which YouTube converter is the most useful?

Check out the MP3Studio app if you want to convert YouTube music or videos to high-quality MP3 audio offline. This one is one of the top YouTube to MP3 converters for PC, Mac, and Android.

Can I download videos from YouTube?

Users of the YouTube app for Android and iOS can download videos for offline viewing as long as they are not private and the creator permits it.

How to download the songs from youtube ?

Within the YouTube Music app, wherever you see a playlist or album, hit Menu and choose Download. The download arrow is also accessible from the album or playlist information page. 

Without the app, how can I download YouTube videos?

Copy the video URL that you want to download from YouTube. Copy the video link and paste it to the Converto website and paste it. You must now choose the file’s format before clicking the Convert button. Last but not least, once the YouTube video has been downloaded to your device, you will see the “Click here” link.

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