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You were here to determine whether Wilson Fineries is a rip-off or a reputable business. Should you buy anything from wilsonfineries.com? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot since we’ll talk about this online shop today. Many internet retailers claim to offer a wide range of goods at steep savings. However, the vast majority of them are fraudulent or scam websites. You can read a fair critique of Wilson’s finery in this article.

What do Wilson Fineries offer?

Wilson fineries is an online business store that deals in different products for men. It includes accessories such as Wilson Layne Fountain Pens, Wilson Kendall Fountain Pens, Wilson Lewis Cufflinks, Wilson Jasper Cufflinks, Wilson Kian Belts, Wilson Julian Belts, and more collections in the Fountain Pens, Cufflinks, and Belts area. According to the whois record, this website was registered on May 25, 2022, i.e. not even one month properly. The domain of wilsonfineries.com is too new.

Wilson’s Fineries selling a 1$ fountain pen; scam or legit?

A brand-new range of ballpoint pens called Wilson fineries pens is available in numerous hues and patterns. The pens are built with premium components, and their stylish design makes them appropriate for any setting. The pens are offered in standard and fine points and plastic and metal casings. The Wilson fineries pens writing notes, taking notes in class, or writing generally is made more accessible.

Advantages of fountain pen:

  • The pens are light and simple to use.
  • Their fine point makes them ideal for writing.
  • The ink is permanent and dark.
  • The pens come in a wide range of colours

Disadvantages of fountain pen:

  • The pens are neither waterproof nor refillable. 
  • They have a minimal ink capacity.
  • They require a unique converter to use them on a computer.

Things to Know Before Buying Wilson Fineries pen or any other item

A Questionable Membership Subscription

You unknowingly become a Wilson fineries VIP Membership Club member after placing an order on the website. When you check out, the store charges an additional $30 per month, which they will bill you monthly. Therefore, the fountain pain is not $1. It’s just a ploy to entice unsuspecting clients.

A recent registration

Wilsonfineries.com was registered in April 2022, according to a domain checker called Lookup Icann. It isn’t even six months old yet. This indicates that it cannot be endorsed.

No Business Location

There is no physical address listed on the website. As a result, customers cannot know the store’s actual location. It could be in a forest or mountain range, for all we care.

No social networks

On its website, the site makes no mention of a social media relationship. This raises questions and demonstrates that the website is concealing information from customers. Additionally, it is suspicious because a legitimate store constantly links its website to a social networking site. This is a red flag indicating the store is unreliable.

Unusual discounts

The website’s discounted pricing seems too good to be true. Almost 80-95% discount is a warning sign that the store is simply attracting customers. But it’s a bait-and-switch scheme.

Exchange and returns

Additionally, it has a Returns and Exchanges Policy that is viewed as too lenient for exchanging and returning goods. Return Policies: 5 to 15 working days. Due to these sites’ ambiguous policies, it is practically impossible to get an entire refund.

Delivery and Customer Complaints

The complaints of users of similar websites show that both the customer service and the delivery times of those websites are highly subpar. Additionally, this website’s trust rating is 26 out of 100, which is not a good rating.

Positive Highlights of Wilson Fineries website

  • For customer service, it offers its email address.
  • For the convenience of customers, it provides various payment options like credit card or another payment method, including through the checkout process, express checkout, or using PayPal or Google Pay.
  • There are no shipping fees for returns or exchanges.
  • It provides returns for all of its products.
  • The products are delivered in the shortest possible time.


The information mentioned above leads us to conclude that Wilson fineries are one of the questionable websites. Nevertheless, just having customers’ trust and knowledge of the validity of the store is insufficient. These red flags show us that the store is not reliable. As a result, we advise you to stay away from this store and be cautious of scam stores.

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