The Power of WE Symposium

The power of We symposium 2022 focuses on providing teens from Chicago, USA, an opportunity for change. A full day of incredible speakers from around the globe and 250 outstanding youth ambassadors across the city come together to create an extraordinary force of change and empowerment.

The power of WE family is to connect the teen leaders and be dedicated to bringing every time the event is held.  

Founder Of The Power Of WE Symposium:

Loren Micheals Harren is an international motivational speaker, author, mentor, breakthrough and message discovery coach, and foster care/adoption advocate. Having endured more than 22 foster care homes is a champion for transparency and truth. After decades of dealing with depression, PTSD, and general low self-esteem issues, he turned his darkness into light. 

Loren chooses a ‘Road To Legacy’ mindset, which demands constantly reinventing oneself and a continuous commitment to re-membering. He further believes that maintaining a spirit of ‘giving’ WE together can achieve bigger goals. He provides a lesson about hope, self-care, and inspiration to today’s youth, proving his theory‚Ķ The Power of WE. 


The WE Symposium aims to create an event that the child remembers forever and achieves something. We feel it is essential that the kids see a living, breathing examples of precisely what overcoming adversity looks and feels like. Moreover, it is also vital for these kids to hear and see from the presenters their life experiences and how many difficulties they have faced in their lives.

The WE symposium’s power also benefits the kids attending and everyone seeking participation and support. 

Activities At The Power Of WE Symposium 2022:

The Power of WE Symposium held in Chicago in April 2022 connects many influencers, businesses, community leaders, and upcoming youth leaders from Chicago to prove that together WE can do more

However, the following activities were provided to the youth:

  • Life-changing presentations from world-renowned speakers
  • Q&A sessions with each presenter
  • Red carpet entry, complete with paparazzi and media coverage
  • Live musical entertainment
  •  Photo opportunities in front of the step and repeat banner
  •  Food & beverages
  • Sponsored Swag Bags filled with event memorabilia
  • And much, much more!


The Power of WE is finding more celebrity, business, and community mentors to compete with one of our 200+ VIP youth leaders who have been hand-selected to attend this event and are hungry to change the world for the better.

The mentorship will consist of a year-long commitment from each mentor to provide knowledge, guidance, and encouragement to their youth mentee. Whether it’s sharing a book, providing an internship, connecting on a coaching call, or sharing an uplifting prayer, everyone has something to offer those at the beginning of their journeys. And the more purposeful WE are in doing so, the brighter the future is for EVERYONE.

You will show them what they can create with their own lives by harnessing the power they have within themselves. As a Power of WE mentor, you will also provide hope for at-risk teen leaders who are too close to the reality of losing their dreams forever.

Therefore, you can change the life of a deserving teen leader by becoming a Power of WE mentor and attending the symposium happening on September 20th. 


The power of WE symposium 2022 is to provide the same opportunity for our teen leaders who reside within districts where budget restrictions nearly never allow such a life-changing opportunity.

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