For those who enjoy comic books, a website like MangaOwl app IOS, which focuses on manga comics, is a great resource. It is one of the biggest Manga websites on the internet. Let’s explore the website’s details, including its use, why it was shut down and now how you can install it.

What is a Manga?


The term “manga” refers to a broad range of comic books and graphic novels. They were first created and published in Japan. Japanese manga are almost generally published in black and white, unlike American comic books, which are typically printed in full colour.Typically released in installments, they can be up to several hundred pages long depending on the format. People of various ages and backgrounds enjoy them; since they are accessible in a wide variety of genres like horror, fiction, romance, thriller and comedy. Manga are renowned for their intricate narratives and characters, have been drawn for hundreds of years, albeit the modern iteration only emerged about the middle of the 20th century.

What is MangaOwl used for?

MangaOwl website

All of the manga comic series are housed on the website MangaOwl. The comics books are free to download from MangaOwl. Users can watch all manga comics online at this website. From the earliest manga comics to the most contemporary, MangaOwl has it all. It is a respectable website that is better categorised as a store that collects Manga comics. The fact that MangaOwl is an ad-free website implies that we can view comics without spending any money.

Why was the MangaOwl app shut down?

Since 23 June, 2022 the MangwaOwl app was reported to be permanently shut down. There was so many reports from users that their website and app is not working and showing errors. No formal statement from MangaOwl on the subject. According to the general netizens opinion, the website was probably taken down because it promoted pirated content.There are also rumours of publishing some pirated content in the app too. However, some readers and authors say that MangaOwl does not use piracy to attract more users. According to some customers, it’s probably that their hosting provider took them offline because they broke the terms of service.As all of these news are not confirmed, nothing is sure at the moment.

Is the MangaOwl back?

Since many people were upset about losing their list of favourite manga, there is news for them all. If you had backed up all of your read-to mangas from your account online then there is a way to access it. MangaOwl has returned with a brand-new, improved user interface. The good news is that by switching the suffix, Mangaowl has returned with a new domain name. Users have observed many differences in the new website. There is an improved, short list of mangas available to read. Furthermore, the search option is posing many difficulties too. All of the other queries and disruptions will be settled too, along with the new interface, hopes the fans.

How to install MangaOwl app on Iphone?

As we know that APK files are available for download on android phones, pc and other devices on the web all over. In order to download a Link to any app is through an IPA file. But unfortunately, there is no IPA file available for MangaOwl app IOS for download. Iphone users have only one way to access MangaOwl and that is only through using the website.

MangaOwl logo

If you are still having issues accessing the website, try the troubleshooting techniques listed below to see if the website works :

  • Simply pressing CTRL+ R on your Macbook, or holding down Command + Shift + R will refresh your IOS browser.
  • Make sure your internet and network connection is stable.
  • Clear all caches, cookies and your browser history.
  • Disable all the active extensions so if any of them is blocking the website, it will stop doing so.
  • Restart your device.
  • Try from another browser.
  • Simply wait some time before accessing again.


MangaOwl App IOS is the biggest platform to read manga all over the world. It was reportedly shut down from June 2022. This caused an upheaval from fans all around but now they have come around with a new domain name. Since unlike APK, there is no IPA file for IOS software available for MangaOwl app. So, there is no way for downloading MangaOwl app on Iphone or Macbook. You can use the MangaOwl website instead

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