Tab flow is a google chrome extension which helps to manage all your open tasks easily with minimal resistance. As you know that google chrome has a number of extensions which makes users life easier to manage and enhance productivity.

What are google extensions?

Like Tab Flow, Google chrome extensions are programs that you can install and add to the browser, you can modify the existing functions or make it more convenient to use according to your suitability. Moreover, you can choose any extension suited related to your profession. You can also add as many programs as you want. Consequently, They help in customizing your browser according to your needs. You can check another Google extension called Salesforce Inspector.

What is tab flow?

You can use this extension in the Google Chrome browser as it will allow you to manage your tabs easily and in a better way. You may have noticed that opening a number of tabs and windows gets very difficult to control and keep count of.

Tab Flow will be more suitable for if you are:

  • A remote worker
  • Office worker
  • Researcher
  • Open a lot of windows
  • Like to in an organized manner

If you just want to check it out and see how it works, this is the extension for you!

Advantages of using Tab Flow:

You can see that there are many advantages of using Tab Flow, some of them are listed here for you:

  • You can type any name of the tab into the search box, and it will filter all the tabs that mention that certain name. For example, if you type ‘Facebook’, it will find all the tabs that mention ‘Facebook’. Such a great feature right?
  • You can search by URL instead of titles or names too. 
  • After clicking on the link only, you will redirect to that specific tab. 
  • You can bookmark all of the selected tabs, by clicking on the ‘Bookmark’. It will make a new folder with all the tabs in there. The new bookmarked folder will also have all the date and time, so you can keep everything sort of better.
  • By clicking ’Move’, you can move the selected list of tabs to a new window. 
  • Clicking ‘Close’ will close all of the list of tabs. 
  • In Addition, You can the number on the icon shows the number of all opened tabs. 

How to install it?

You can follow these step by step instructions on how to install and apply Tab Flow:

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store by searching in google engine. 
  2. Type “Tab Flow” in the search bar and select it. 
  3. Click on “Add Extension”. 
  4. It will automatically start downloading and apply on your browser. 
  5. Some extensions may need additional permissions so you will have to approve them first. 
Main Screen after installing the Tab Flow

Disadvantages of using Tab flow:

Everything comes with some advantages and disadvantages too. You have to weigh if the advantages have a better benefit for you. Some of the advantages of using Tab Flow are listed down below:

  • You have to give it access to all the information of the tabs, so the program will read everything you are working on. 
  • There is no Re-open button in the ‘Close’ option, so make sure before closing the tabs as you can lose all your tabs at once with just one click. 
  • Most of the options in this extension are already present in the Google Chrome Browser. 
  • As you can see on the it is not built by a renowned company in contrast to other more better options, consequently, it does not have a great number of reviews, so using it might have some risks. 


In sum, Tab Flow surely helps in managing all the flow of tabs on your PC but it comes with its own drawbacks.

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