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SBI Prime Credit Card is a unique credit card that gives you benefits on both daily spending and travel expenses. So if you are looking for a two-in-one card that can manage your household expenses as well as business trip expenditure, check out the SBI Prime Credit Card offer. And this card comes at an affordable annual fee of INR 2,999+GST. So if you are capable of affording this annual charge and credit card monthly payments for a convenient and healthy budget, read this page and find more about the benefits of the SBI Prime Credit Card.

Key Features of Prime Card SBI Bank?

You will get the below benefits when you have an SBI Prime Credit Card –

  • Welcome Gift – INR 3,000 worth of e-vouchers of partner brands. So use them when you go shopping.
  • Reward Point Accumulation – 10 points on credit card transactions of INR 100 and more for dining, grocery shopping, and movies.
  • Reaching Specific Spending Limit – When you spend INR 50,000 in a calendar quarter using your SBI card, the bank will give you an e-voucher of Pizza Hut worth INR 1,000. So your next Pizza meal will be discounted. And upon reaching the annual spend limit of INR 3 Lakh, the bank will waive the annual charge. It means you don’t have to pay the annual charge for the subsequent year to keep getting the card benefits. And if the annual spend goes to INR 5 Lakh, INR 7,000 worth of e-voucher of Yatar website or Pantaloons will be provided to the cardholder. 

Who Can Get Prime Credit Card SBI?

If you meet the below criteria of the SBI Bank, the card request will get approved –


The credit card applicant should be at least 21 years old if he/she needs a Prime Card. The maximum age limit for this SBI Bank Credit Card is 55 years for salaried and 70 years for self-employed. So if you meet this age criterion, your card won’t be declined due to this reason for sure. To prove your current age, submit documents like Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, and Driving License. Upon receiving these documents, the bank will check whether the documents are correct and if there is any fraud. When the documents get the green signal, your card request gets processed and soon you will receive an SMS or email regarding the credit card.


If your income is good enough to afford a credit card payment, there won’t be any problem during the processing. The applicant’s income information lets the bank know whether he/she can pay the bills or not. Because if there are chances of non-payment seen due to low income, the card request will be denied. And the same reason will be mentioned in the mail or SMS you receive from the bank. So ensure you have a budget for SBI Prime Card. 

Credit Record

Your previous repayment history helps the bank know how reliable you are. If it is found you have an unpaid credit card or loan account, this could impact your application status. What will happen is that your card request will be declined due to poor credit history. So it is advised to check the credit score before the card application. It will help you know whether you are ready to apply for a credit card or not. To check the score, visit any online credit bureau and sign up, enter your PAN details and see your current score. If it is 700 or more, you are ready to apply for SBI Prime. But if it is below 700, improve your score. See what is making your score lower is it the unpaid loan EMI or an active credit card which is no longer in use.

So if you meet the above requirements, get this Best Credit Card in India for your everyday spending. And as you use it for your daily needs, you will save money as well. 

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