Prospect Wire is one of the fastest-growing organizations for high school baseball in the USA. It started its journey in 2004 and now has a huge player base reaching over 25,000. PW is now one of the thriving organizers of elite-level high school baseball events all over America.

Americans love baseball; who doesn’t know it? Major League Baseball, MLB is undisputedly the top-level professional baseball championship in the USA. However, today,baseball is a part of sports at high school and university levels.

Services Prospect Wire Offer

The range of services they offer includes:

1. Team tournaments

2. Individual showcases

3. Combines

4. Parent seminars

5. ID Camps

They also provide detailed scouting analysis reports carried out by ex-MLB scouts. In areas like fielding, arm accuracy, running and hitting, and much more.

Which Age Groups do they Cater 

They organize a variety of tournaments or events across America for the age groups:

  •  Under 13
  •  Under 14
  •  Under 15
  •  Under 16
  •  Under 17, and
  •  Under 18

They also assist in different field-related areas, and provide suggestions for improvement.

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Past events and tournaments

Let’s glance at some of the events organized by Prospect Wire.

Arizona Summer Kickoff

The kickoff tournament is a great idea to have a warm-up match for summer. The event was at Peoria Sports Complex on MAY 21 and MAY 22.

 It was a four guaranteed tournaments, and this event had no playoffs and it was also a public event.

San Diego Invitational

San Diego Invitational was a five-day event that started on June 15 and lasted till June 19. It was a public event and this event was Prospect Wire’s Invitational return to San Diego.

Florida State Championships

This event was the final event on the summer 2022 Florida Tournament schedule. The Florida State Championship was a public event, which means everyone was welcome to enjoy it. It was a four day tournament at Tampa Bay Rays Spring Training Complex, from July 30 to August 2.

The organizers assured four games and a Single Elimination playoff for advancing teams. Not to forget, the organizers are Prospect Wire Baseball.

PW Fall Championships

The most recent event is the PW Fall Championship. The dates are the 14, 15 and 16 of October. It was at Fort Pierce, Florida, and the organizers were PW Baseball.

A Peek at the Upcoming Events

Here is a sneak peek about some of the upcoming events from the company along with the schedule.

Treasure Coast Classic

The Treasure Coast Classic tournament will be hitting the ground on November 5th and 6th of 2022. The event is a tournament format and guarantees three games at Fort Pierce, Florida.

Registration is in process and will remain open until October 24.

PW Thanksgiving Classic

The PW Thanksgiving Classic tournament will be coming into action at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona. The scheduled dates are November 19 and 20.

The team registrations are open until November 4 and it will be the Final AZ Event of 2022.

Prospect Wire Winter Classic

PW Winter Classic is a baseball tournament at the Chain of Lakes Complex, Lake Bonny Complex, and Lake Myrtle Sports Park. The event’s scheduled dates are the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of December, 2022.

Around 66 teams are going to register for participation in the tournament.

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Why Choose PW Camp?

Starting in 2004, PW is determined to provide precious yet inexpensive camp services for athletes. The PW camps focus on giving the players national-level exposure. The team of the PW camps assists and guides players who are looking for next-level play. PW camps maintain reports and records of the participants’ development and progress.

PW camps also provide a PW Certificate, which indicates your performance metrics and related data. They offer a certificate at the end of the event.

The best thing about PW certificates is that these are shared with the college coaches across the country. College coaches trust and believe that the metrics and performance evaluations are accurate.

PW Camps are partnered with top-ranked software solutions in:

  • NCAA, and
  •  MLB, BaseballCloud

PW staff also pick out players, participating in the camps for invite-only events and the PW All-American Games.


Prospect Wire can be your gateway to it if you dream of being a baseball player. They offer services from early teens up to eighteen years. PW camps provide you with an opportunity to experience national-level play and they also offer coaching in different field-related areas like fielding, running, etc. PW offers a variety of tournament and event-related services. Most importantly, college coaches across the country trust their evaluation.

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