packet loss in gaming

If you’re getting a “packet loss in gaming” warning sign in your game and don’t know how to fix it? don’t worry, here is the full guide on how to fix it.

Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data traveling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. All of our internet activities, like downloading gifs and sending emails, are made-up of packets.

What does Packet loss in gaming mean?

Packet loss in gaming includes game lagging, teleporting, being knocked out of the game completely, and difficulties getting back into the game. Problems like delays, hitches, or “rubberbanding” in a  multiplayer game while having a high-speed connection, would occur as a packet loss warning sign while playing.

Let’s understand what is a “Packet loss”. So Packets or Network packets are tiny units of data carried over a network. They are also known as packets.

Factors involved in Packet Loss 

Packet loss in gaming could occur due to many ways, so some of them are listed below: 

Fault in hardware: 

Damaged cables, outdated modems and routers, corrupt networks, and card drivers can lead to huge losses in your gaming. For large companies, varying network cliches and firewalls would also be the main issue

Device getting overloaded:

Sometimes the hardware is working overly, in this case, it couldn’t control the traffic. Therefore the devices will temporarily try to hold the packets until they have time to process and send them along. But when the packet reaches its destination, it arrives too late, and it gets discarded.

Fault in software:

Due to software updates, or gets hangs frequently on a network device would require a reboot or sometimes reinstall.

Incorrect configurations

Sometimes network devices that inherit binary mismatch will assume a “collision” and discard or delay packets.

Wireless drawback: 

There’s a drawback in using wireless networks as the packets will now have a better chance of vanishing into the digital void due to radio frequency interference, signal strength, and distance.

Security threats: 

Hackers get the control for blocking the desired destinations, and flood traffic in your network device. Might also cause network devices to deliberately drop packets.

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How do you fix packet loss in gaming?

You can try to improve it by doing some basic steps that would be helpful for you to fix the packet loss in gaming.

Restart your PC

  • The gaming software running on your PC — whether it’s a driver, service, or application — can temporarily experience conflicts.
  • For instance, from saving your software from a crash. Rebooting can solve software issues influencing network traffic

Check your connections

  • Use wired connections as it’s safer to restrict packet loss instead of wireless while playing online games.
  • Update drivers to their latest version in your system to roll off compatibility issues.
  • Flush your DNS.
  • Check your local connection hardware (cables, routers) and replace any faulty components.
  • Contact your ISP if you suddenly and frequently experience maximum packet loss in gaming.
  • Avoid running bandwidth-absorbing apps while playing online games.
  • If possible switch the game server you’re playing.


To overcome the packet loss issue in gaming, you need to isolate the cause. There is no way to gain a zero percent packet loss in gaming as there are many reasons for this like: system overload, too many users, network issues, and constantly popping up all the time. So by attempting the above solutions you can try to minimize the packet loss to achieve a good quality network.

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