CBD Box Packaging

CBD oils are famous among the CBD lover due to their health benefits. Due to that, you need to increase the production of CBD oils. If the output has increased, you also need custom CBD oil boxes in bulk quantity. Wholesale can be a good suggestion for that purpose but just with Urgent Boxes. Because we provide exceptional boxes at economical rates without extra charges. If you have doubts, you can compare our rates with others. Moreover, you can get an additional discount if you buy custom CBD oil boxes from the new year 2023 sale.

Give outstanding durability to CBD oil packaging

You are at the right place if you are looking for a durable manufacturer for your business. We never compromise on quality. That’s our promise and pride, which will never break at any cost. So freely select box material for your business. For CBD oil packaging, you can use cardboard and kraft material boxes. Both are durable and environmentally friendly. Also, they are perforation free because heat, UV rays, moisture, dust, and other environmental factors can’t enter the box.

Give extra protection to the custom box with laminations and coatings

Have you seen scratches or fingerprints on the custom packaging? Isn’t it look irritating and non-presentable? If you do not want that to happen, do lamination or coating all over the box. It also safeguards the box from spreading moisture, printing ink, and color fading. Moreover, the lamination and coating work as an extra layer of protection to increase durability and shelf like the custom box. However, the aqueous coating is 100% environmentally friendly and can be removed easily by scratching. If you apply this liquid-based coating on eco-friendly material, it is 100% recyclable.

Lamination and coatings options for custom CBD oil boxes

  1. Gloss lamination:

The gloss lamination is most likely by buyers due to its glossy shines. And the designed shades and prints look so attractive with that lamination. It also enhances the colour vibrancy of the shades due to shiny glare.

  • Matte lamination:

If you want a matte or velvety surface, apply matte lamination. It is ideal for balancing dark shades because it is less shiny. And gives a decent natural appearance to the box with a soft satin surface.
    3. Aqueous coating:

The aqueous coating gives both matte and gloss effects. The difference is that it is a liquid base coating applied through high flame heating. But the matte and gloss lamination is used as an unremovable layer. If you use these laminations on eco-friendly material, it is non-recyclable. However, the aqueous coating is 100% environmentally friendly and can be removed easily by scratching. If you apply this liquid-based coating on eco-friendly material, it is 100% recyclable.

Custom CBD oil boxes styling guidelines

Usually, CBD oil bottles are packed in straight or reverse tuck end boxes. Which are convenient box styles for them. We can do it for you if you want another box style because everything is possible with us. But always keep a few things in mind while customizing the box.

  1. Always customize the box according to the product’s measurement.
  2. Choose durable material for box customization.
  3. Never customize a box oversize because it looks unpresentable and impropriates in customization.
  4. Use 123 bottoms for heavy-weight CBD oil bottles.
  5. Keep custom inserts to protect the inner products from cracking and damage.

Give exclusive finishing to custom CBD oil boxes

Besides box designing and printing, we give you an add-on option to provide a superior finish to the Custom CBD oil packaging. These enhancements are used in exclusive packaging mostly. If you want to give them a premium look must apply them. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Custom inserts (foam for exclusive packaging otherwise
  2. Hot stamp foiling (for a sparkling finish)
  3. Embossing and debossing (to write a brand name or logo)
  4. Die-cut window (for showing the inner product without opening the box)
  5. Hang tabs (for elegancy)

Personalize CBD oil boxes with detailed Description

Besides box designing, you can create awareness about your product by making it informative for the buyer because most people prefer reading before buying any product. It helps to understand what they are getting. And why it’s better than others. If there is nothing on the box besides design, how will they satisfy your brand? That’s why customize a detailed description on the box.

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