New Cars in Dubai

Cars aren’t just automobiles that get you from one place to another. They are also considered a sign of your lifestyle. When anyone sees you driving a Porsche, they’ll think you’re in the elite league. Owning a Porsche or Maserati is a distant dream for many.

However,an interesting fact is that driving new cars in Dubai is easier than you think. This glamorous metropolis is a place where you will often see Ferraris and convertible Rolls-Royces on the streets. Such vehicles can also be seen outside the fancy restaurants and valet parking areas of Dubai malls.

You may be wondering why most people in Dubai own such stylish and expensive cars. Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that life in this metropolis is all about luxury. For this reason, driving down Sheik Zayed Road in a Bentley won’t make you feel special. You will surely have many others roaming the streets in style.

Competition Among The Leading Brands

The competition between the leading brands of luxury cars in Dubai now goes beyond the exclusivity factor. Life is quite accommodating even for new cars in Dubai. An average metropolitan person earns a good tax-free salary and has access to well-maintained roads.

Well-Lit Roads With Regulated And Safe Driving Conditions

Driving in the United Arab Emirates is a pleasant experience, according to many residents. Most people in this country enjoy a high standard of living. This gives them the opportunity to own some luxurious things. There are well-lit roads with regulated and safe driving conditions. You will never encounter bumpy roads or potholes on highways.

Use Of Luxury Cars By Government And Private Companies

Luxury cars are even used by the UAE government. The Dubai Police have added some stylish SUVs and luxury sports cars to their arsenal over the years. They complement their patrol cruises, which have a green and white color combination. Such high-end patrol cars also fit well into the life of this Emirati city.

A lot has changed since the police added the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, and Ferrari FF to their fleet. Now, these automobiles have taken the image of the Dubai Police to another level. New car prices in UAE are a status symbol, and many like the feeling of high status.

Those who move to Dubai for better opportunities dream of a luxurious life in the city. Desiring to live such a life, these individuals buy automobiles and various other luxuries. This explains the higher percentage of vehicle sales in Dubai compared to other countries in the world.

The Other Interesting Fact Cars In Dubai

Luxury car owners can be divided into two categories. One is the one who buys cars either for himself or for others. They are usually people who are car enthusiasts and have a strong fondness for cars.

The other category of car owners is those who buy high-end cars to show off their luxurious lifestyles. Such persons are very wealthy people and have a collection of very expensive luxury cars.

Dubai’s love of luxury cars is reflected in the types of vehicles used by Uber and Careem. They transport their customers in high-end Lexus cars with leather seats and plush interiors. Luxury vehicles have become more and more of a necessity in the city today.

Did You Know What Owning New Cars In Dubai Means?

Two interpretations of Lamborghinis can be found in Dubai. One of them is that it is a beautiful Italian car with a great heritage, great horsepower, and outstanding performance.

The other is that it’s a “Lambo” that adds glamor to one’s Instagram posts. Exclusivity plays an important role when owning a sports car, luxury car, or supercar.

It is human nature to desire things that ordinary people cannot access. Of course, there are various others who see a luxury car as one with excellent build quality. Some of the most known brands of luxury cars in Dubai are Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus.

How Many People Can Afford New Car Price In UAE

High-end sports or luxury cars in Dubai are generally expensive when brand new. Interestingly, their prices dropped to 250,000 dirhams only two to three years later. The biggest reason for this is depreciation, which happens quickly in the first two years. Most expats, therefore, buy a used car at a lower price.

Owning a luxury car is a fairly straightforward process throughout the United Arab Emirates. Most people in this part of the world can get car loans at very low-interest rates. You also have the choice of spreading the payback period over 3, 4 or 5 years. Sometimes you need to look for the right car dealerships for the best price.

Most jobs in Dubai offer excellent pay. If you negotiate your salary wisely, you will earn a well-paid job and can afford new cars in Dubai. Also, there is no income tax in the UAE, which means all the money you earn is yours.

The VAT rate in the country is only 5%, which is also quite low. As a result, the community living here is left with a higher disposable income. Compared to other countries worldwide, the UAE has a low insurance rate. You have a greater advantage when you’ve been driving longer.

Gasoline prices in the country are lower than in many other countries in the world. So it won’t cost you much to fill up your petrol tank with fuel in Dubai. Another amazing fact is that car theft or vehicle thefts are rare. This is one of the best facts about living in this country.

Most Important: You don’t have to worry about your car being stolen or destroyed by anyone. Unsurprisingly, the UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. In many other countries, expensive cars are stolen or damaged. Many people appreciate a higher standard of living here, and every resident of the country is protected by law.

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