A chair style explicitly created for gamers is known as a gaming chairs. The high backrest on these chairs sets them apart from typical office chairs in that it supports the shoulders and upper back.

The popularity of the gaming chair increased along with the growth of Twitch and other online game broadcasting platforms. Streamers bought gaming chairs because they spent so much time playing games in front of computers.

What is the gaming chair? 

Gaming chairs are ergonomically built seats for extended time playing video games. Gaming chairs come in three major varieties: floor, rocker, PC, and racing.

Key features of a gaming chair

Gaming chairs come in three major varieties: floor, rocker, PC, and racing.

  • Bench Seat
  • The front lip of the seat raised
  • Unmoving Headrest
  • Head and removable lumbar pillows
  • Wingback chair
  • High Back Declination
  • Highly Modifiable Armrests
  • Bright Colors

Types of gaming chairs

The three primary categories of gaming seats include gaming seats for PCs, platforms, and combo units.

seats for computers

The most common and well-known chairs are for PC gaming. They resemble office chairs but come with an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and armrests. PC and racing sports chairs are the ones most frequently used for sitting at a desk to play video games.

These chairs were initially created by a producer of high-end sports vehicle seats and had a similar style. They typically feature sleek looks and have tall, padded backs. These seats are stylish, cozy, and reliable.

Rocker gaming chairs

It is simple to adjust the position of these curved chairs. Because they balance at the angle where the seat and back meet.

These chairs are most frequently employed to play console video games from a distance. They are also excellent for games that can be played cooperatively with other players in the same space. Console gamers frequently use platform gaming seats.

This is so that they may effectively be used for television gaming and rest on the floor. Typically, these seats resemble recliners.


hybrid floor gaming chair

Last but not least, hybrid gaming chairs combine elements of platform and PC gaming chairs. They frequently have a swivel base but have a platform chair-like design and styling. 

Of all the different types of gaming seats, floor chairs have the most straightforward structures and are the most affordable. Rocker-style chairs with some design to fully unstructured chairs that look like floor cushions can be of many shapes and sizes.

These ultra-plush, padded seats are perfect for the casual Xbox player searching for a comfy perch. Because they have few to no unnecessary features.

Who initiated the concept of the gaming chairs?

About 2006 saw the introduction of the first ergonomic gamer chairs by DXRacer. A business that had previously made sport vehicle seats. The company was well-known for creating premium seats for high-end vehicles before 2006. However, Chrysler’s decision to end several car lines caused the business to run into problems. More companies started making gaming chairs in 2008. 

With the launch of Twitch’s live-streaming service and eSports’ rising popularity. The gaming chair market had a significant expansion in 2011.

It became well-known among Twitch users that possessing a gaming chair qualified streamers as serious and reputable gamers.

Gaming chair vs. an office chair 

  1. Visually, there are more noticeable contrasts between the two types of chairs. whereas office chairs often have a straightforward, clean design, gaming chairs tend to emphasize style more.
  2. Many gaming seats have the flashy appearance of race cars thanks to their design, which is based on the headquarters of high-end sports vehicles. These chairs may have coverings with character-themed covers or vivid accent colors. In contrast to office chairs, which have slightly lower backs, gaming chairs feature high backs. It’s usual to see devoted gamers sitting in more flashy chairs as ultra-cool gaming chairs. Enjoy their moment in the spotlight thanks to the popularity of video game streaming.
  3. It is more challenging to distinguish between the two in terms of comfort. There is no one-size-fits-all method for sitting at a desk comfortably for hours. Whether you’re a professional or a professional gamer.
  4. Gaming chairs that are ergonomically built to often have various comfort-enhancing features, such as reclining, lumbar support, fully adjustable height, movable armrests, and adjustable footrests. While, Most ergonomic office chairs share the same qualities, such as tilting, back support, adjustable height, and armrests. However, additional features are also available, such as different sizes and drop seats that enable your legs to hang freely.

What Should You Pick?

Since the gaming chairs and office chairs are comparable in comfort and amenities, there is no obvious ergonomic or cost-effective winner. Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences when choosing a chair to use at your workplace. A showy gaming chair is not the most professional option if you’re a freelancer who engages in video calls or hosts customers from home.

To locate the ideal chair for you, whether you work hard, play hard, or do both, narrow your search by the characteristics you value the most.

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