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Do you realise how important it is to check your credit score on a regular basis? Correct, no? You might not be aware of its importance, but don’t worry; we’ll explain it to you in this article. For those who don’t know, lenders evaluate your credit score to assess your trustworthiness, therefore it’s important to check free CIBIL score periodically. If it fails, we can locate the problems and swiftly raise our credit score. Similar to this, when our credit score increases, we may examine it to see how it might continue to be enhanced for future usage. 

Even though it’s simple to check CIBIL score by pan card, some people choose not to do so out of fear of what they could find. Some individuals also think that checking their credit score will affect their credit. That, however, is untrue! If you check your credit score, it won’t have any effect on your credit. You must routinely check your credit score if you want to maintain control over your finances and credit. We’ll go over 6 reasons why it’s imperative to regularly check free CIBIL score:

Continually monitor your creditworthiness: Being creditworthy is one thing, but keeping that status is quite another. When you apply for a loan or credit card, one of the first steps creditors do to determine your creditworthiness is to run a credit score inquiry. Many companies in the financial sector have recently begun to take creditworthiness into account when making employment decisions. By reviewing your credit report once a month, you may keep track of your credit standing, outstanding balances, payment history, and other credit-related details. 

Recognize errors: When you apply for a loan or a credit card, the bank or financial institution shares your personal information, together with the specifics of the credit product, with the credit bureau. If the bank’s data is erroneous, your credit score may suffer; this could happen if your name is spelled improperly, a payment default was incorrectly reported, or even if your application for a loan or credit card was denied! You can identify these errors earlier and register a claim with the credit agency and/or financial institution to get them repaired by frequently ensuring to check CIBIL score by pan card each month.

Make wise choices when requesting new credit: When you apply for a loan or credit card, the lender will ask the bureau for your credit score and credit report. A “hard inquiry” is deemed to have occurred each time, which reduces your credit score. If you frequently check CIBIL score by pan card, you will be better prepared to decide and take steps to improve your credit score before applying for a new credit product.

Reduces the Risk of Identity Theft: Identity theft is the intentional use of your Personally Information by a thief to conduct financial transactions or acquire financial benefits on your behalf. By giving the necessary paperwork to just authorised individuals and ensuring to check free CIBIL score, you can avoid this. You can even prevent unauthorised hard inquiries by checking your credit report once a month. For correction, they might be brought up straight away to the bureau, financial institutions, and authorities.

Controls the credit utilisation ratio: The proverb “Have a credit card, will spend” is one that many people live by. After all, why not utilise your credit limit to its fullest? Prospective lenders disagree, which is unfortunate for you. They see you as a credit-hungry client who depends on credit to survive. If your credit usage ratio is high, say 30% or above, it may be difficult to get future loans approved. One option would be to request an increase in credit limit, but maintaining this percentage low by regularly checking your credit report will be much more advantageous.

Aids in understanding your financial situation-Regularly do check CIBIL score by pan card as it is essential for maintaining excellent financial health, much like frequent medical checkups are important for preserving good health. If you have a high CIBIL score, make sure to keep it high by following wise financial practises, such as repaying your own credit card bills as well as loan EMIs on time. If your score is low, it is much more important that you take corrective action to raise it. Regardless matter the outcome—positive or negative—having your CIBIL score examined is preferable to being ignorant of your credit position.

enables you to discover critical information about your credit score: Do you want to know how your credit score is calculated? You can check your credit record and do check CIBIL score by pan card to see that. Every detail of your score is stored there. Your credit report includes a detailed description of several variables that affect your score. Your score is impacted by each factor. You must therefore become familiar with these criteria, which will show you exactly what is and isn’t working. So, instead of focusing on the other aspects that go into a higher score when you assess your score, you may just focus on the ones that are bringing it down.

You’ll have more readiness for the future: A high credit score makes it more likely that you will be approved for a loan and be able to borrow money when you really need it. If you ever need to open a credit card quickly, this could be helpful.


When was the last time you check free CIBIL score or report? The range of credit scores is 300 to 900. A good credit score (often above 750) may also lead to acceptable interest rates in addition to increasing your chances of being approved for a loan or credit card. The four credit reporting agencies in India are CIBIL, Experian, Equifax, and CRIF High Mark. This does not alter the fact that you should occasionally check your credit score to determine if everything is in order.

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