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Are you a BOB Customer? If yes, you could have special advantages on the personal loan application. The borrower will get an interest rate as low as 9.70% per annum if he/she is a BOB customer. At least one year of relationship with the bank is required to avail of this benefit on BOB Personal Loan. Let’s learn more about this loan product of Bank of Baroda on the page below.

How Much Does the Bank Lend to You?

The bank’s loan limit may vary based on your location and many other factors. Learn about them below –


The limit of your loan is based on the classification of the BOB financing branch. Check out the loan range below –

Maximum Amount

The maximum amount that you can borrow in metro and urban cities of India like – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune is INR 15 Lakhs. So if you are a resident there, you could borrow this amount from the Bank of Baroda. In semi-urban and rural areas as well, BOB has this loan limit of INR 15 Lakhs

Minimum Amount

For metro and urban residents, the minimum loan is INR 1 lakh and INR 50,000 for semi-urban and rural people. 

So if your need gets satisfied in the BOB Personal Loan range, do apply for the loan. 

BOB Personal Loan Interest Rates for the Borrowers

Interest rate plays an important role in personal loans. A lower rate could make your repayment easier. Whereas, a high loan rate could make it difficult to pay the EMIs. check out the different rates of interest-based on the category the applicant belongs to and how being an exciting customer helps you in this.

Category A

This is the category of employees of both private and public sectors, trust, LLP, insurance agents, and professional and business persons. These category applicants are those who have account relationships with other banks. The rate is from 12.95% to 16.55% per annum if you belong to this category.

Category B

An employee of public and private sectors, self-employed who have a relationship with the Bank of Baroda will get a rate ranging from 10.95% to 14.55% per annum.

Category C

This category is also known as the Silver category wherein employees of Central and State Govt. or PSUs having salary accounts with other banks get included. For them, the rate is from 10.20% to 14.55% per annum.

Category D

The gold category targets the same customers as mentioned in Silver Category, but there the applicants have relationships with the BOB. From 9.70% to 14.55% per annum rate will apply to this category of applicants.

Category E

Govt employees or defense personnel whose account is with BOB under scheme code SB 182 and 186 will get an interest rate from 9.20% to 9.70% per annum.

Now you have learned about the category and how it impacts your BOB Personal Loan Interest Rate. But this is not the only factor. Your CIBIL score and the bank’s base repo rate lending rate (BRLLR) will decide on your effective rate of interest. 

So check your CIBIL before you apply. You can check it online on your smartphone by visiting the credit bureau official website. Create an account if you are a new customer or log in using the credentials. If your score is 700 and above, it will be suitable enough to get you a lower interest rate. But if it is below that, check your credit report and see what makes it lower. If it is the errors, file a dispute with the credit bureau so your score gets corrected. Once the right CIBIL score is shown, apply for the BOB Personal Loan and get the lower rate. This will help you meet your need and manage repayment. 

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