Wordle, a daily word-guessing game that has been popular since it started a few months ago, is still going strong. The New York Times game is now open, and word game fans can choose from some exciting options. Antiwordle is one of the newest games that grew out of the viral game.

Have you ever used Wordle backwards? We understand if the thought has never occurred to you. Nevertheless, “crazy” is an excellent word of Antiwordle, where you actively seek a nonword. We have explained the background of the game, its creators, the rules of the game, and some basic techniques for winning.

What is the point of Antiwordle?


Antiwordle is a version of the popular word guessing game Wordle that uses the same basic concept but flips the script on the usual rules. This one will test your resolve to ignore today’s word. The more guesses you have by the end of the day, the better. In 2022, Josh Wardle, a web developer best known for creating WillCodeForBeer and Toucan Green, came up with the idea for Antiwordle.

How To Play Antiwordle?


It’s easy to play Antiwordle. Just think of it as the flip side of Wordle. You don’t want to guess the day’s word. You’ll try to use up all of your guesses on incorrect responses. By getting only grey squares, you want to stay cold and away from the puzzle word for as long as you can.

Getting red or yellow shapes is terrible because you’re getting close to the term and have to use some of these letters. It is hard because if you use the letters in the real world, you get closer to the antiwordle answer today. The point is to guess as often as possible without getting the word. You can’t win an Antiwordle game until you find the secret word.

It would help if you made as few guesses as possible before giving up on finding the secret word. Though it may appear simple, there is a catch!

  • Once you’ve guessed a letter that isn’t in the word, that letter will be disabled, so you can’t use it again.
  • A letter in the word will turn yellow if you correctly guess it, and you will be required to use it.
  • If you guess the correct letter, it will turn red and become immovable.

Best Practices for Winning Antiwordle

You can play Antiwordle in many different ways. Because the puzzle word changes every day, there is no perfect strategy. Here are some of the ways we think you should play Antiwordle to get the best score possible:

  • Try to use words that have two or three letters. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but usually, it does.
  • Focus on the best antiwordle words, uncommon letters like Q and Z at first.
  • Start understanding the word to figure out what the opposite word is.
  • Don’t let the yellow letters make you nervous. You don’t need to move them; you can leave them where they are. But do use the yellow squares to help you figure out the secret word.

Unlike Wordle, the goal is to lose.

With this new change, you have many chances of not getting the correct answer. Each step is a way to get rid of another wrong word choice. Because of this, the game rules of antiwordle are slightly different from what we’re used to.

Like in the original game, you get a new word every day. The difference is that you try not to guess that word. Right from the start, you have to think of a five-letter word. The basic rules anti wordle archive say that if a letter isn’t used in a comment, it turns grey and can’t be used in that game.

A yellow tile means that the letter on it is in the word but not in the right place. It must be used in the next term, though. Lastly, the correct letter in the correct position will turn red and have to be used in a relatively similar place in the next guess.

Are you having trouble with Wordle?

In the new word game antiwordle, you can never guess the word, which is different from the old one. How to play antiwordle? You can keep playing square off as long as you can still make words out of the letters left over.

When you discover the correct word, it tells you how many guesses you made. The chance of success goes up as the count of guesses goes up.

In many word games, the goal is to win by guessing the appropriate word or words in the fewest tries. A recent change of antiwordle record forces you to stop the status quo, which means you can’t get to the goal quickly.

If you’re tired of the daily word game and want to try something more challenging, this might be the one for you.

How do I play online Antiwordle?

Wordle is a great way to turn your favourite phrases into beautiful magnets, but have you ever thought about playing with the letters? That’s all AntiWordle does. This game allows players to see what letters are available and where they should be placed on their axis canvas to get the most points.

Anti Wordle unlimited is a game with the same rules as Wordle. But this time, you’re not only supposed to get past all three letters correctly before time runs out but also to fall as many times as possible. There are more clues for words on the antiwordles page than were posted for last week’s challenge, so when playing, make sure not to use any combinations that have already been used.

How do you beat Anti Wordle?

To keep playing the game, you must come up with as many different ways to say a phrase as you can. Therefore, in Wordle, you do not have to guess the word. The more yellow letters there are in your score, the better it is. Once you know the secret word that uses all red letters, you must keep using it.


Antiwordle has strict rules about how it should be played, but it’s unclear what it takes to win. The goal is not to guess the word but to put off guessing it as long as possible. There is one time when you know you have lost, but there’s never a time when you know you have managed to win. In this game, the nearest thing to happiness you can find is a loss that leaves you with many questions.

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