aluminium louvre panels

Out of the many roof types, such as patio, pergola, or gazebo, installing aluminium louvre panels is an excellent option for your Adelaide or Melbourne home. This is because you get the weather in control throughout the year by keeping away rain and wind and letting sunlight, warmth, and airflow in.

So read on to know more about louvre roof systems and why you should install one.

What is a louvre roof?

Louvre roof systems are a stylish roofing solution that suits all weather conditions in Australia, adding revenue and tablespace. It operates on several open and closed blades, moving up to 180 degrees. 

Having louvre roofing is beneficial because;

  1. Enhances the exterior appearance of your home
  2. Provides weather protection throughout the year
  3. Provides maximum utility for your outdoor space
  4. Are durable and long-lasting

They are available in different materials like;

  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

Different types of louvre roofing

Depending on your private space, either for a patio, garden, or terrace, choose a louvre roofing that fits your outdoor area the best. And there are a lot of factors to consider to make a worthy purchase. 

First is the type of blades and the shape you wish to install. There are wide blade varieties, from rectangular to aerofoil blades. Most homeowners opt for rectangular blades as they create a sleek flat surface when closed. 

However, an aerofoil blade is comparatively popular too. Above all, check the wind and show loadings while choosing louvre roofing blades. Secondly, you must decide whether you want a manual or an electrically operated roofing. In manual louvre roofing, you need to open and close with an internal pulley system or equipment to adjust the blades. Nevertheless, electrically operated roofs work with a remote control or a fixed switch to adjust open or close. 

And there are fewer price differences between the two. So opt for electrically operated louvre pergola in Melbourne as they are more comfortable, helpful, and perfect for large outdoor areas.

Design options in a louvre roofing

Louvre roofs are constructed to stand the test of time and come with various design options to customise any household. In addition, they come in different slat sizes and materials.

Here are some design types you can consider for your home;

  • Flat
  • Pitched
  • Flat with solid flat louvred roof sections on both sides
  • Erected with substantial flat roof sections on both sides
  • Multiple flat roofs with coupled or separate drainage

Here’s why installing a louvre roofing is best for your home

The following are some compelling reasons for you to get one for yourself;

  1. Thermal efficiency and regulation: You can adjust the blades to reduce cooling costs during summer and heater costs during winter, thereby reducing the carbon footprint in your household. 
  2. Natural 24/7 lighting: Louvre roofing allows natural light reducing glare and harsh rays. Even at night, you get ample light from them, cutting down the cooling costs.
  3. Excellent ventilation: They provide ample air circulation in the house and block water, dirt, dust, and debris with the aluminium louvre panels.
  4. Weather control: Protects your house from harsh inclement weather conditions from either sun or rain by adjusting the blades. 
  5. Easy maintenance: It requires low maintenance if constructed with aluminium. Otherwise, you need to use a brush or a garden hose to clean the blades every 3 to 6 months. 
  6. Versatility: You can customise your roofing depending on your house’s colour, the material used, and the type of blades. 
  7. Adds aesthetic appeal: Regardless of the space, louvre roofs look good in any building or design style, enhancing the aesthetics.
  8. Allows accessory attachment: These roofs allow items like lighting, fans, heaters, electrical outlets, etc., if needed to give it a true extension of the house.
  9. Boosts property value: Louvre roofing increases the property value of the house and attracts prospective buyers to pay a good amount of money.  

Louvre roofing cost breakdown

The cost of installation depends on the materials, the square footage of the area needing coverage, and additional accessories. However, depending on the accessories you wish to install, the cost can go either high or low. And installing rain sensors will add cost, for example. However, they help protect from sudden downpours making the extra cost worth it in the long run.


A louvre-covered area widens your house with more space to entertain and enjoy the benefits of pleasant Australian weather. Choosing aluminium louvre panels is a suitable option if you want a highly efficient and low-maintenance roofing system.

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