Instagram introduces a number of interesting and fun filters every now and then. Symmetrical Filter Instagram is also a filter on this social media app which got very famous and many people tried it. Some filters become a challenge and gain a lot of popularity. Same is the case with Symmetrical filters in Instagram. This challenge has been done by millions of people online. To know more about trendy challenges and games you can read 10 Instagram Face Filter Games.

What is an Augmented Reality Filter? 

Have you ever wondered how the Symmetrical Filter Instagram works? It is operated by Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is an interactive experience in which your reality is combined with the computer generated content. If we take Instagram Stories and Filters as an example, augmented reality (AR) effects built in the filter will adjust to the present surroundings displayed through your camera lens. Thus, altering the reality around you. Likewise, the Symmetrical face filter in Instagram is an augmented reality filter which merges the real picture of your face with a computer generated symmetrical picture of you face.

What is a Symmetrical Filter in Instagram? 

We all have different faces and features. Some are prominent e.g, big eyes, wide nose, plump lips; while others are not. Similarly, we have different symmetries of our facial features. Both sides of our face have slight differences. It is a rarity to have a fully symmetrical face. Relating it to filters, as the name implies, symmetrical filter Instagram makes the both sides of your face appear similar to each other. 

This filter was previously available on Tiktok but then it was also designed by instagrammer. As a result, it is now available on Instagram too. 

Are you interested to see how the two sides of your face will look after becoming the same? You can follow the instructions below to try out this amazing filter!

How to do a Symmetrical Filter Challenge on Instagram?

Some users of Instagram are not able to find this filter. If you are one of them, in order to assist you, there are two options by which you can get a Symmetrical filter on Instagram. If you are looking for this filter in your filter gallery or saved filter, you might not be able to find it. You have to search the creator’s profile to get your hands on this filter. The two options are al below:

  • The creator of the first filter is Mikhail Evstafev. He is an Augmented reality/ Virtual Reality creator. You can find him on Instagram by searching his username. His username is mixaill_s. In order to make a story, you can follow these steps:
  1. Make sure to have a fast internet connection.
  2. Open your updated Instagram account and go to the search bar.
  3. Type mixaill_s in the search bar and hit enter.
  4. Tap on the smiley face icon next to the IGTV icon.
  5. Spot the title of the filter named as Symmetry Filter.
  6. Once you find the filter, open it and try it out.
  7. You can record the video if you want and test it by placing your finger on your face or poking your tongue out.  
  8. Once you have recorded the video, tap on the download arrow or add it to your Instagram story at the spot. 
  • There is another creator named @yincany who has also created this filter on Instagram. You can follow her on Instagram and follow the same above mentioned steps if you want to try another version of the symmetrical filter Instagram. 


Are you interested in seeing how your face will appear mirrored? Try out the Symmetrical Filter Instagram to see how you would look if both sides of your face were identical to each other. It is a popular challenge going on Instagram and Tiktok. 

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