Do you ever wonder about the aerospace industry? Are you curious to know 4 interesting facts about Aerospace /engineering? We do not talk much about Aerospace as people usually have a perception that it is a difficult field and they leave it to that. As a result, here are some great facts about this industry. 

What is Aerospace Engineering? 

Firstly, in order to learn the 4 interesting facts about aerospace engineering, we must first know what it actually is. Aerospace engineering is a field of science that applies engineering information to the development, designing and study of aircrafts, spacecrafts, their speeds, making and implementing new technologies to improve them. 

Aerospace Engineering is one of the most advanced branches of engineering. It is also the most complex one and has two fields namely:

  • Aeronautical engineering: it is the study of everything related to aircrafts which operate on the Earth. 
  • Astronautical engineering: It is the study of science, maintenance and designing of space crafts which operate outside of Earth. It also is the most modern and innovative as it has allowed humankind to reach into the space.  

4 Interesting facts about Aerospace Engineering:

Undoubtedly, there are numerous facts about aerospace engineering but we have laid out only four of them for you. They are explained specifically so you can understand them better. 

  1. Aerospace Engineering involves a lot of parts

Conversely, it is one of the most difficult branches of engineering as there are so many parts, tools, technologies and terms which are not employed by any other discipline. Here is an example may help you to understand the concept better. Consider a typical car, it has around 30,000 parts which are used for building and designing it. Now in an aircraft carrying a load of 600-700 passengers, there are approximately 6 million parts which are used in making it. But, about half of them are fasteners, it still leaves a jaw dropping amount of 3-4 million parts. Now imagine how much time would it need to spend studying them, learning their uses and knowing how to use them!  

  1. There are more disciplines in Aerospace Engineering

Firstly, the course starts from Bachelors level but you have to do Postgraduate studies in order to become a professional. Contrary to the popular belief, Aerospace Engineering is a very broad term. Following this, there are at least 12 disciplines which are studied on Post Graduate level in order to become a certified engineer in that specialty. 

The twelve courses are as follows:

AerodynamicsEngineering PhysicsStructural Mechanics
Flight dynamicsFluid MechanicsDynamics
Mechanical EngineeringAstronauticsAircraft Flight Mechanics 
Structural EngineeringComputational EngineeringThermodynamics
  1. A Highly competitive and Regulated field 

Aerospace engineering is a highly competitive field. In order to reach the top, companies spend billions of years on research and development to gain advantage over their competitors. The desire to keep up with the competitors and the new emerging technologies, propels the investors to keep investing. Many industries even use illegal connections and ways to reach the top. 

Furthermore , it is also a regulated field. There are countless and numerous rules, regulation and policies which needs following even one mistake can pose significant risk for the people involved and huge loss of finances and resources. In USA, if an engineer puts forward a design, it needs approving by the Federal Government, only then it is implemented. 

  1. Aerospace Industry is the backbone of Economy:

One of the most interesting facts related to aerospace engineering is that it is the most important industry in a country in terms of its economy. The Airlines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Private Agencies, Government, Import and Export and Cargo Industry, all benefit from the aerospace industry and need it. It provides an efficient means of transportation and requires innovation at its best. This makes the aerospace industry one of the biggest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country. You can read about a crypto currency based company for easier reservation and payment system.

Many other renowned companies also buy aerospace products and require aerospace engineers for research and experimentation. Airbus, Boeing and NASA are one of the examples. NASA contributes $17 billion annually on aerospace products. 


The 4 interesting facts about aerospace engineering provide insight into the aerospace industry, its fields, facts and its contributions to the economy.

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