Forklift Tyres

Forklifts are a must-have in your warehouse if you want to improve productivity. They make work easier and faster. They ensure easy movement of products during loading and unloading. They also undergo plenty of wear and tear because of this, especially regarding the wheels. 

Without proper care and maintenance, the forklifts will require regular wheel changes, which is uneconomical for your business. It is essential to invest in their maintenance to last longer to avoid losses. To get you started, here are ways to lengthen the lifespan of your forklift wheels.

Use the Right Wheels

There are several types of forklift tyres designed to fit specific uses. Ensure you use the right tyres for each forklift in your business. The tyres suit different surfaces, and using the wrong ones in your business means they will only last for a while. 

Cushion tyres are intended for smooth pavements and warehouses, while off-road forklift tyres are best for rugged outdoor operations. Because of their fragility, it would be impractical to use cushion tyres for outdoor operations. Whether you purchase or replace them, ensure you get the right ones for your business operations.

Conduct Regular Tyre Check-Ups

Like regular cars, your forklifts require regular checkups and maintenance. Ensure the check involves intensive inspection of the wheels to identify any signs of wear and tear.

Better still, ensure you check the tyres daily to look out for any foreign material, such as glass chips, nails or metal, which cause punctures. The best way to do this is to ask your operators to inspect the tyres before they pack for the day or before they hop on.

Removing these foreign materials as early as possible reduces the damage. Noticing the damages in time ensures you can repair them before they become irreparable and save on repair costs.

Check for Pressure and Lubrication

If your forklifts use air-filled tyres such as the pneumatic type, ensure you check the pressure. Over-inflated tyres can easily burst, while under-inflated ones cause poor traction resulting in accidents and damage to the products. Ensure the tyres have the correct air before any operations.

Lubricating your warehouse forklifts are a great way to extend the lifespan of the tyres. Ensure you lubricate the power and braking system to reduce tyre drag and sudden stops, primarily when operating on rough surfaces. Avoid overlubricating because excessive grease is bad for rubber tyres.

Avoid Overloading and Standing Loads

Overloading causes excess pressure on the forklift but more so on the wheels. While it may seem harmless when you want work done faster, it can cause tyre chipping and blowout. Standing loads cause flat spots and consequent tyre bumping, especially when left for long hours.

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Forklift tyres require regular care and maintenance to extend their lifespan. Some ways to do this are using the right tyres, doing routine checkups, inspecting damages, and maintaining the correct pressure. 

Ensure you regularly lubricate the power and breaks to avoid dragging and sudden stops. Finally, prevent overloading and standing loads for long hours.   

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