Manga has become a worldwide phenomenon and its popularity only continues to grow with each passing year. With so many amazing series out there, it can be overwhelming for new readers to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 must-read manga series on MyReadingManga that are perfect for both beginners and long-time fans alike! From action-packed adventures to psychological thrillers, these titles are sure to keep you hooked from beginning to end. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into some of the best stories that the world of manga has to offer!


“Berserk” is a dark and gritty fantasy series that follows the journey of Guts, a skilled warrior seeking revenge against his former best friend turned enemy. Set in a medieval-inspired world filled with demons and magic, “Berserk” tells an epic story of betrayal, friendship, and redemption.

One of the things that sets “Berserk” apart from other MyReadingManga series is its incredible artwork. The detailed illustrations bring the brutal battles to life on the page and perfectly capture the intense emotions felt by each character.

In addition to its stunning visuals, “Berserk” also features complex characters with well-developed personalities. Guts may be the main character, but he’s far from perfect – he struggles with inner demons as much as he does with outer ones. And while some characters may appear one-dimensional at first glance, they often reveal deeper layers as their stories unfold.

But fair warning: “Berserk” isn’t for everyone. It contains graphic violence and mature themes that may not be suitable for younger readers or those who are sensitive to such content. However, if you’re looking for a bold and uncompromising tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat – look no further than this iconic series!

Attack on Titan

“Attack on Titan” is a MyReadingManga series that gained immense popularity among fans worldwide. The story takes place in a world where humanity lives behind three walls to protect themselves from Titans, giant humanoids who devour humans without reason.

The protagonist Eren Yeager witnesses the death of his mother at the hands of Titans and swears revenge against them. Along with his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, they join the military to fight back against these terrifying monsters.

What makes “Attack on Titan” stand out is its unique blend of horror, action, and drama. The story keeps you on edge with intense battle scenes while also exploring complex themes such as political corruption and human nature.

The characters’ development throughout the series is masterfully done, making us care for them deeply as we follow their journey through this cruel world. Overall, “Attack on Titan” is a must-read for anyone looking for an epic tale filled with twists and turns that will keep you hooked until the end.

Death Note

Death Note is a manga series that is both thrilling and thought-provoking. It tells the story of Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a mysterious notebook that can kill anyone whose name he writes in it. With this newfound power, Light decides to rid the world of criminals and become its god.

The series raises questions about morality, justice, and power as Light’s actions come under scrutiny by those trying to stop him. The cat-and-mouse game between Light and L, the detective trying to catch him, keeps readers on edge until the very end.

One unique aspect of Death Note is its use of psychological suspense instead of action-packed battles commonly found in other manga series. The mind games played between characters are just as intense as any physical fight scene.

Death Note offers a unique blend of thrills and intellectual stimulation that has made it one of the most popular manga series worldwide.


Naruto is one of the most popular manga series in the world, and for good reason. The story follows a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki as he trains to become a powerful warrior in his village.

What sets Naruto apart from other manga series is its focus on character development. Throughout the series, we see Naruto grow from a brash and impulsive child into a mature and responsible adult. Along the way, he learns valuable life lessons about friendship, perseverance, and forgiveness.

Another standout feature of Naruto is its action-packed fight scenes. From intense hand-to-hand combat to high-flying acrobatics, every battle in this series is an adrenaline-pumping spectacle that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

But what really makes Naruto great are its themes of acceptance and understanding. Through characters like Gaara and Sasuke, we see how hatred can consume even the strongest individuals – but also how love and kindness can break through even the thickest walls.

All things considered; if you’re looking for an engaging story filled with memorable characters, thrilling action sequences, and meaningful life lessons – then look no further than Naruto!

One Piece

One Piece is a manga series that has taken the world by storm. It has been serialized in Shonen Jump magazine since 1997 and currently holds the title as the best-selling manga series of all time. The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate with rubber powers who sets out on a journey to find One Piece, the ultimate treasure.

What makes One Piece so special is its ability to create an intricate and expansive world full of unique characters and cultures. Oda’s worldbuilding skills are unmatched in any other manga series, making it easy for readers to get lost in this fantastical universe.

The characters themselves are also what make this series stand out. Each member of Luffy’s crew (The Straw Hat Pirates) have their own distinct personalities and backstories that make them lovable and relatable.

One Piece tackles themes such as friendship, loyalty, perseverance, justice, sacrifice and betrayal which resonate with readers around the globe. Its narrative style keeps you hooked from beginning till end due to its breathtaking twists & turns.

If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure filled with action-packed battles alongside comedy then look no further than One Piece!

How to get into manga and where to start

If you are new to manga, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. There are so many different genres and series out there that it’s hard to know which one will appeal to you the most.

One way to get started is by checking out MyReadingManga’s recommendations. They have a list of popular and highly rated manga series that are a good starting point for beginners.

Another way is to think about what type of stories you enjoy reading or watching in other forms of media. Do you like action-packed adventures? Romance? Horror? Comedy? Once you determine your interests, look for manga series within those genres.

It’s also helpful to read reviews from other readers. You can find reviews on websites such as Goodreads or Reddit where people give their opinions on specific series they’ve read.

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Manga may seem unfamiliar at first but it’s an incredibly diverse medium with something for everyone. Take your time exploring and discovering new favorites.


Manga is a rich and diverse medium that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for action-packed adventures or psychological thrillers, there are countless series out there waiting to be discovered.

Of course, as with any form of entertainment, the key is to find what speaks to you personally. Don’t be afraid to explore different genres and styles until you find your favorites – after all, half the fun of reading manga is discovering new worlds and characters!

So if you haven’t already delved into the world of manga, we hope this list has given you some inspiration. And if you’re already a fan? Well then it’s time to dive back in and discover even more amazing titles! Happy reading!

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