People desire to download a variety of software that is readily available online. From Softonic softwares, you can effortlessly download all the apps and software you require. Without it, you’ll have to visit every website and download software and programs manually. You can download the software quickly and easily from a single platform using a website like Softonic. But is downloading software from there secure? We’re here to help, so don’t be concerned.

What is Softonic softwares?

Web portal is situated in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Softonic International is the company’s owner. It was established in June 1997. Millions of people use the well-known website Softonic to download free movies, software, games, and other items. The Spanish-language website in California has over 100 million visitors each month. Additionally, the website’s operators assert that more than 4 million downloads occur daily.

On Softonic, you can easily find material for Windows 10, Mac OS X Big Sur, Android, and iOS.


How is Softonic Operated?

A simple-to-use download service is Softonic. The two main subcategories of the information on this website are Apps and Games. Applications are categorized based on how useful they are. Applications can also be sorted by platform (Windows, Mac, iPhone/Android).

Registering for a Softonic account is optional, and there is no opportunity to do so. By visiting the website, reading the catalog, or entering a search term into the search area, you can find any software or app you’re looking for. There are no paid subscriptions or purchases available on the website.

There is a “Download Now” option if the software is free. You can download a demo or buy the full version if the software isn’t free. You will be taken to the software’s original website, where you can purchase it if you click the “Buy” button.

Where does Softonic softwares come from?

In 1996, Intercom Online (Grupo Intercom), a supplier of Internet services in Cerdanyola del Vallès, close to Barcelona, launched Shareware Intercom. This file-oriented download service would later become the forerunner of Softonic.

The “5-step semi-automated approach” initially use to get the website’s files from Intercom Online’s “Files Library Intercom BBS” has now been considerably streamlined. 

For customers who were sick of waiting for downloads to complete or paying excessive phone fees, the company also supplied monthly CDs of its software library. The service have an extensive selection of games, antiviral, educational materials, and the long, seductive, etc., in 1999. Under the moniker Softonic, the business went independent in 2000.

In an annual Great Place to Work Institute research, Softonic was ranked as the “Best place to work in Spain (100-250 employees)” from 2009 through 2011 and as the runner-up in 2008. According to audit firm OJD Interactiva, the website had unique visitors in Spain in 2009 and 2011.

Softonic was declare at the end of 2014 that a workforce reduction method to implement as a cost-saving strategy, purportedly for organizational and financial considerations. In contrast to the initial estimate of 207 employees, the business officially terminated 156 workers in December.

Is it okay to use Softonic softwares, and is it safe?

Open-source software, free third-party apps, and free-to-play video games make up the majority of the material on Softonic. Officials from Softonic claim that all the fun, apps, and files on their website are virus- and malware-free. Thankfully, Softonic’s statements are entirely accurate. On the website, spyware and viruses are impossible to find.

However, some programs on the website have spyware and adware installed.

Additionally, the website provides out-of-date versions of numerous software and files.

Are Softonic websites legal?

Is hosting software created by other parties permitted by Softonic? As a result, to answer your question, employing Softonic is entirely legal.

The website is still operational 25 years after it was first launched. If Softonic were against the law, it would have shut down long ago.

Several P2P file-sharing services have shut down over the years due to piracy and copyright breaches. On the other hand, Softonic is solely concerned with software and applications. Most of these apps and tools don’t have copyright restrictions and are free to use.

Therefore, you won’t be breaking the law if you download apps and software from Softonic.

How Can I Use Softonic To Download Safe And Legal Content?

We urge our readers to read user reviews before downloading software from Softonic to avoid downloading packages containing different forms of malware.

You can use Google Safe Browsing to check the webpage of the game, application, or software you wish to download before downloading anything from Softonic. Also, you can scan the downloaded file after it has finished downloading to add another layer of security. Moreover, you can use VirusTotal to accomplish this. Just check the downloaded file after uploading it.

Softonic mobile app

A mobile app for iOS and Android is now available for Softonic, your resource for anything software-related. Let’s look at how you can utilize the app to navigate the app and software world.

The new Softonic app features articles, app reviews, and software news our team has written for professionals. It is a portable, multiplatform software user manual that you can access anytime. Utilizing the Softonic app is as simple as paging through a magazine because of its sleek, user-friendly UI.


Does Softonic offer virus protection?

If you want to install an application from there, Softonic Notifies will let you know if it has been virus-scanned. Can you believe them when they say that you can download it without fear if something has been scanned and found to be secure? NO!

CNET or Softonic: Which is better for downloading? 

CNET and Tucows were the internet’s two safest sources for free software distribution in the past. However, the most recent interactions with CNET have been shady; I had to jump through many hoops to access a download that my antivirus protection won’t allow me to download. Until I discover grounds to the contrary, I will continue to have faith in Tucows, but for the time being, Cnet has changed into Nyet.

Which websites offer the finest and safest free software downloads?

The TOP 2 websites for downloading paid or premium software for free are as follows:

  1. Get into PC
  2. File CR.

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