A storm brings a lot of rain and debris from leaves, twigs, branches, dead animals, and insects that can gather in the swimming pool. These things can damage the swimming pool structure and the surrounding area. So, homeowners need to take care of their backyards and hire a pool maintenance company even if pool closing services were hired. The debris in the water is the reason for skin issues like leptospirosis, conjunctivitis, human scabies, and cholera.

Is Maintenance Necessary after Pool Closing Services?

It has been explained in the paragraph above that a storm brings a lot of debris that can damage the swimming pool structure and cause different diseases. So, it is important to hire maintenance and cleaning services after a storm to keep the areas clean and well-maintained. 

How can Pool Maintenance Service Help After a Storm?

Swimming pool companies have experienced staff and are provided with tools to clean and maintain the structure during and after the storm. The team will provide the repair, cleaning, and maintenance services and suggest tips for caring. Below are the advice and services that maintenance companies offer during and after a storm.

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Keep the Swimming Pool Filled

Homeowners should not make the mistake of draining the water from the swimming pool. The water will help reduce things impact on the swimming pool structure. Don’t drain the swimming pool when the storm approaches, as it might be the first thought on your mind.

Don’t Forget to Add More Chlorine

The debris can cause the development of germs and bacteria that can result in various skin diseases and breathing issues. Adding chlorine at this point is important to shock the pool water. The rainwater also brings diseases, so adding chlorine before and sometimes during the storm.

Turn Off the Power Supply of Components

All swimming pool components must be turned off, including the chlorine generator, filters, pumps, heaters, and chemical feeder. This step has to be taken to ensure that the power surge does not damage these components.

Cover all Swimming Pool Electronics

Companies offering pool closing and opening services have recommended covering the electronics. The clients can buy waterproof covers to wrap the equipment. These covers will protect the equipment from rainwater, flood, and debris.

Pack All Swimming Pool Accessories

You might ask why removing the accessories on the swimming pool deck is necessary, as you can cover the things from rainwater. High winds can blow away stuff on the deck, including benches, chairs, umbrellas, tables, and other outdoor furniture. The swimming pool maintenance companies like Clear Tec Pools will help to pack the things.

Debris Removal from Swimming Pool Area

After the storm has passed, you can remove the debris from the swimming pool and the deck. Clients can use a skimmer net to clear the leaves, dead insects and animals, twigs, and branches. However, there are times when you do not have the tools necessary to remove the smaller, deeper-seated debris. You can hire maintenance and cleaning services to clean the pool.

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Complete Swimming Pool Cleaning

Sometimes the water is dirty to the extent that the swimming pool must be emptied. The algae should be scrubbed off from the walls and floor with the help of a brush and scrubber. After a thorough cleaning, the pool should be filled with water.

Examine the Pool for Damages

Another thing to do as soon as the storm stops is to check for damages done by the storm. The reason for the damage is that people leave the swimming pool empty and the debris. The maintenance and cleaning staff will make preparations for the services.

Checking the Swimming Pool System

The swimming pool system should be turned on to determine whether there are any technical or mechanical issues. You must be thinking about why you are turning on the pool system when it has been closed for seasonal pool closing. Many issues may arise after a few hours of use, so the equipment should be left on for several hours.

Test the Water for Chemical Levels

After thoroughly cleaning the swimming pool, the water has to be filled and the chemical levels checked. Homeowners should always check the chemical level after cleaning the swimming pool. The alkaline and chlorine levels should be according to the tested water.

These are tips the maintenance staff advises for a swimming pool after a storm. It is important to hire companies even if you have done pool closing services.

The following three questions will help you better comprehend how rainwater affects the swimming pool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fill my pool with rainwater?

Some recommend filling the swimming pool with rainwater as it is convenient and costs nothing. But if you follow the instructions of companies providing pool closing services, they will advise you not to do so because rainwater contains germs and bacteria.

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Why do pools go green after rain?

The main reason the swimming pool water turns green is that rainwater creates a chemical reaction with salt and alkaline. The other cause of water turning green is the presence of algae.

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Can you swim in a rain storm?

Swimming in rainwater can be dangerous as it can lead to nose and eye irritation and several skin diseases because of the algae, bacteria, and germs.

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