I am a huge Traveling lover. I used to live my life traveling. And as a travel lover, I am blessed to say that I also have experienced various amazing life lessons. While traveling I got to know the true meaning of nature, life, excitement, affection, passion, socialization, budgeting, and many other life lessons, which I could have never learnt as deeply without traveling.

And traveling teaches you also because is not just about beautiful, positive things. While traveling I have noticed the common problems which a traveler has to face, and during my journeys, I found my essentials which helps in dealing with such problems or events.

Today I will share my 8 favorite traveling essentials with you guys to help you in having smooth and happy travel.


I have traveled in any location, but across mountains and temples majorly, as I see myself as nature and adventure lover. Today I will share my traveling experiences with my favorite 8 traveling essentials which you should have with you, and especially if you like the same destinations as me, you will find the list quite helpful!


Traveling is not possible without a comfortable pair of shoes. Shoes are your travel mates. They give you a way to travel, walk, and explore unknown places. A comfortable pair of shoes is a blessing for your safe and tireless traveling.

Mountain traveling can be completed smoothly with comfortable shoes, but be sure to also have a secondary, portable pair of shoes. Trust me I am telling this with my experience. While traveling in Jammu & Kashmir I broke the sole of my shoe, which created a lot of trouble for me. On that day I decided to always keep an extra pair of portable shoes for safety purposes.


Motion sickness is a common problem which travelers face. Every destination has a different environment and aura. This change of environment can have a different effect on your body because your body is not used to that different environment.

Therefore I have prepared my own medikit which can help me in taking care of myself. My medikit includes BandAid, Gauge, Painkillers, cotton, Glucose, Sugar, Salt, Candies, Pickel, Betadine, Vicks, and Strepsil. This medikit can help you in caring for yourself in a different environment, even in the most isolated one, when no medical facility is reachable nearby.

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Appetizers are very essential for smooth traveling. Appetizer will help you in solving stomach issues and give you the much needed energy for your trip. While traveling many people have stomach related issues, especially if having a lot of action or exploring new climates. They also face hunger issues due to the energy effort that our body does. Appetizers will help you in solving this issue and gaining new, fresh energy.

I have stomach issues while traveling, but a good appetizer helps me in solving my stomach issues and eating food to gain back my energy and, on top of that, being able to enjoy my traveling trip more!

3.   LAPPY

I am a Travel blogger. My Laptop is one of the most essential elements of my traveling. Without my “lappy” I can not go traveling. Being a blogger I need to write my discoveries and experiences while traveling. During rest time and night, I use my laptop to complete my blogs and share my experience with my audience, also because I believe is important to write down when the memories and feelings are fresh.

I also enjoy writing about my travels and gets me to appreciate more what I did. And when I get access to Internet, I finalize my blog posts with extra research and I use the writing assistant WriterZen to optimize my content and make sure it is error free. But if you don’t like that tool, SocialMarketing90 has a list with many other AI writers.

And of course, I also incorporate some of the best pictures I took.


Toiletries are the most essential element of traveling. Without toiletry you can not enjoy your journey. Appropriate toiletries must be in your backpack.

Without toiletries you can not complete your long journeys especially, when your hotel is not just a few minutes walk away. My toiletries include toothbrush, toothpaste, facewash, tissue paper, polybags, cloth bags, and sanitary napkins.

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Traveling without a camera is a waste. People think that mobile phones are enough for pictures and videos, But I think for traveling memories a proper camera is a must. I am not saying that you must buy a camera for traveling or the most expensive one available. I am just suggesting my viewpoint to help you in saving the best memories of your travels. So a nice camera is also an essential thing that you must have while traveling.

3.   MASK

Well, if you are reading this in 2028, I hope you do not need a mask anymore! But mask is one of the most essential things that a traveler must have. In fact with the pandemic, masks became a part of travel backpacks. A proper pack of extra masks must be in your list of essentials of traveling also to avoid being denied entrance in places which absolutely require it.

Mask will help you in travel with safety and freedom, too. And having a mask can at the very least help you in saving you from infections.


Another essential of traveling is a list of your contacts of family and friends on paper. Because prevention is always better than cure. During traveling anything is possible and any unpleasant event can lead you to face problems. So, to have a safety backup and support always have a paper list of your contact of your near and dear ones in your pockets, unless you are a genius who remembers all their details…

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Traveling is an experience which has a deep impact on your personality. Being a traveler it’s too much fun. But along with fun, it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and prepare yourself for a safe and smooth traveling. So always have the knowledge of your essentials of traveling. Did I miss any? What are the traveling essentials that are always in your backback? Let me know in the comment section and have an unforgettable yet safe journey!!

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