Parallel parking on a busy, tight street can be intimidating for new drivers or even experienced drivers. Parallel parking becomes easier with practice. In this comprehensive manual, we’ll teach you everything you need about parallel parking, with tips from LTrent driving lessons, so you can master this skill and gain confidence behind the wheel.

Parallel Parking: A Guide with Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Find a Parking Spot: Search for a spot between two cars that’s at least 1.5 times as long as your vehicle. Activate the turn signal on your car to show that you are parking, and then approach the area slowly.

2. Positioning your Vehicle: Pull up next to the vehicle in front, leaving approximately two feet of clearance between you and the other vehicle. Align the bumpers of the two cars so that your vehicle is parallel.

3. Prepare to perform the maneuver. You should check your blind areas and mirrors to see if there are any vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists approaching. In reverse, start backing up slowly and spin the steering wheel to the right until it is completely turned.

4. Monitor Surroundings: As you turn your vehicle around, you should make sure to examine all of the blind spots of your vehicle. You can determine how far away you are from the curb by using both your side and back mirrors.

5. Align Your Wheels: It is necessary to turn the steering wheel to the left when the back bumper of the car is one to two feet away from a curb. Continue to reverse until your vehicle is parked in a parallel position and is centered within the parking space.

6. Change Your Position: You are able to make adjustments to your position by shifting your vehicle to the right or left, if necessary, in order to maintain an even distance between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of and behind it.

7. Complete the Manoeuvre: The seventh step is to finish the maneuver. Once you are satisfied with the placing of the vehicle, put it into park, apply the parking brake, and turn off the engine. Congratulations, you have successfully parallel parked at the parking lot!

Driving Lessons: Tips & Techniques

1. Practice makes perfect: Parallel park is a technique that improves as you practice. Take advantage of LTrent lessons to learn how to parallel Park safely and under the guidance of a professional instructor.

2. Take your time: You should not be in a hurry when parking in parallel; instead, take your time. Proceed at your own pace, approach the parking spot with moderate, smooth motions, and use patience as you are returning to the parking spot.

3. Stay Calm and Confident: Confidence will help you parallel park. Keep calm under pressure and trust in your abilities. With practice, you can become an expert in parallel parking.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Failing to judge distance:One of the most typical errors that people make when parallel parking is that they fail to accurately measure the distance that separates their vehicle from the curb and other vehicles. When going about the process of evaluating your surroundings, it is essential to take your time.

2. Abrupt movements: In the event that you make rapid movements or overcorrect the steering while parallel parking, it is possible that the wheels of your vehicle will swing too far off the curb. Maintaining a smooth and controlled steering style will help you avoid overcorrecting.

3. Stop Parking Too Far Away from The Curb: In the event that you park your vehicle too far away from the curb, it will create a traffic jam and force other drivers to pass you. When parking your vehicle, you should try to keep it within six to twelve inches of the curb. This will ensure that your vehicle does not obstruct the flow of traffic.


Parallel parking might seem daunting at first. However, with the proper techniques and practice, you will be able to make this maneuver manageable and enjoyable. You will be able to acquire self-assurance and become an expert at parallel parking if you abide by this guidance and incorporate the advice from LTrent classes. You will, in no time at all, be able to parallel park like an expert if you maintain your composure, take your time, and have faith in your ability.

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