Parents can track their children’s development and accomplishments using the Journey Tracker digital platform, where students log their work on fundamental skills.

The outstanding faculty at Acton Academy Falls Church comprises driven individuals who have discovered their niche in educational innovation. Instead of lecturing or stressing data memorization, these great people concentrate on helping learners learn independently.

Acton Academy of Journey Tracker ensures that young learners develop essential competencies by utilizing adaptive new technology, which incorporates the genius of the Questioning approach, by producing project-based instruction, which people appreciate. 

What is displayed in the journey tracker?

Smart Goals: Every day of the week, students set SMART goals. They keep track of their efforts at the end of the day. The planned outcome and work are visible.
Points: A Hero receives points for their labor for each Core Skill. The various programmes are standardized using points; 30 points correspond to around 60 minutes of work.
Badge:The studio badge plan is accessible to any student. The badges required to advance to the next level are listed in the badge plan. You may view the prerequisites and approval procedure at the journey tracker.
Weekly tasksWeekly tasks are given for Writer’s Workshop. Most tasks require peer review and Explore children share their work on the challenge.
Mission ControlThis page provides an overview of each session week.

Stages which journey tracker offers

Primary studio for aged 3 to 6 years old child

The preschool approach to childhood education focuses on the construction of the whole child, which covers some of the most important areas: individuality, identity, management of emotions, social skills, problem-solving skills, and resilience. 

The three-year cycle as a whole is intended to foster self-discovery, a love of learning, independent thought, accountability, respect for others, and leadership abilities. This process needs to be done as the kid alone has the director of this identity.

The Acton team for the Preschool studio tends to rely on Adlerian-based methodologies to create strong, lateral connections with your child. This deep bond of trust and respect allows them to design and mentor your kid through the peaks and valleys of each day in their life. The goal of the journey tracker is to develop a solid classroom atmosphere that is full of love, generosity, and humor. When these elements are in place, the academic part only occurs, following each child’s pace and interest.

Below are among the doctrinal teachings of Acton Montessori educational environment:

  • Sensory-based learning
  • Multi-age studio
  • Movement as part of learning 
  • Freedom within limits
  • Practical Life, Sensory, Math, Language, Science, Geography, Art, Movement, and Music are some interdisciplinary subject areas.

Discovery Studio: 7 to 12 years old

Meaningful task learning is indeed a foundation of teaching at Acton Academy. Journey tracker ​ Acton Academy is a “pupil,” which means young people take control of their education. They set the stage for the joy of having to learn as we encourage our mightiest warriors to find one’s living calling and tap into their unique, God-given genius. The well-balanced learning system ignites interest, creative thinking, and the power to question great questions.

They start their session using the current version of the technology in education for self-paced reading, writing, and math skills. Pupils then move on to Dialogic discussions and enticing endeavors, having to learn side missions, encircled by a similar group of close friends, as they focus on achieving excellent academic achievement and becoming the absolute best of themselves.

It’s time for 21st-century learning.

Core skills: Identity skills of learning, writing, and mathematical skills through deliberate practice and modern teaching technology.

Character: Developmental perspectives, discover thoughtful gifts, and create good connections with other people as you learn more yourself.

Curiosity: Through Questioning discussions on subjects such as heroes, history, and self-governance, one can develop critical thinking and effective communication skills.

A unique learning environment which journey tracker offers to its students

  1. The academy does not discriminate based on religion. So, it doesn’t matter if you belong to a Christian community or any other religious group. The academy will give undivided and discriminated attention to all of its students.
  2. Also, the students will learn about different cultures from all over the world. This includes slight Spanish exposure, such as face-to-face interactions with Spanish-speaking Guides and live conversations with internet friends from Spanish-speaking regions.
  3. Students also get the chance to visit other places through field trips which makes them more confident and increases the learning capacity of the students beyond the classroom.
  4. Journey tracker also has physicians on board which keeps track of the student’s health
  5. The unique factor of the academy is that they don’t burden the students with daily homework and tests. Rather they focus on building up students’ knowledge and enhancing their self-confidence by doing exhibitions of students’ work.
  6. Lastly, they provide an easy-going environment for students to build a strong bond within the school with their friends and teachers. 
journey tracker envirnment

How to use a journey tracker online? 

Visit Journey Tracker and log in. Look at your child’s badge plan, the broad outline of their learning that you approved, and see where they are finishing their plan. (Or ask your child to do this if you don’t yet have the login credentials.)

  • Green indicates that the task is complete. Green indicates well.
  • Red indicates that it wasn’t when you saw it. 

There are various reasons why a goal might not have been achieved. Thus this is not always a bad thing. Red signals that it’s time to ask why it is red.

Now is your chance to engage in a meaningful discussion and, as necessary, offer some good old-fashioned love, support, encouragement, or problem-solving.

Don’t carry this out daily. This is known as micromanaging, and it irritates your diligent Eagle. Once a week or even bimonthly is a good starting point.

journey tracker login


The journey tracker acton academy is an amazing place for your child to learn and discover his uniqueness and power. The exceptional staff at Acton Academy comprises driven individuals who have discovered their niche in educational innovation. Instead of lecturing or emphasizing data memorization, these wonderful people concentrate on enabling learners to learn independently.

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