Have you ever used Instagram before?

As a part of modern society, social media has become one thing that people look after when they’re tired, stressed, or troubled. The social media platform is one place where you can see all the things you can find, whether you like it or not.

Usually, each platform has its own unique algorithm to show what kind of content that’s appropriate for you based on your search, cookies, etc. Now, aside from looking for entertainment, people also use the network for marketing their brand or themselves as influencers.

And it’s not that easy to become an influencer, especially if you don’t know anything about account optimization. In this blog, we’ll explain the benefits of optimization and how to do it. 

The Benefits of Instagram Account Optimization

Most people would love to be famous on Instagram, and that’s okay since the platform has successfully brought millions of people each month. In order to get Instagram followers free, you need to pour in a lot of effort; doing account optimization is your first step.

There are some benefits of it that you may directly feel, such as:

1 – The algorithm will like you more. Most of the time, you can gain the algorithm’s favour by doing some optimizations on your account and posts. It will see that your account is optimized and will try to promote it to others by putting your post on top of the search page. Sometimes, you may notice that a post with very few engagements got posted on the top, right? Account optimization makes it possible.

2 – Your account will be more manageable. A clean account will always bring a good impression to all followers. Surely you don’t want the followers to leave at once when they see you, right? That’s when account optimization is needed.

3 – Brings more engagement. The easier it is to connect with you, the more people will come to buy your products. As a marketer, putting links on the bio is definitely necessary to make it easier for people to buy the products. When they’re happy about it, you’ll gain Instagram story views free, and they will tell others about you. Thus, you can get more engagement as a result.

How to Optimize Your Instagram Account

First, let us talk about the account. When you first create an Instagram account, it’ll always be the default user version. That’s okay, really, but remember that we want to be different from the others here.

So, right after you make your account, do the account optimization right away. Starting from the name, make sure to put something that’s short but also memorable. You can also do the same thing with the other Instagram like apps. It would be better if you put a catchy name as well.

And then, don’t forget to fill in the bio. Bio consists of empty space which you can fill to tell others about yourself. So, grab this opportunity to put the links or your other social media accounts and marketplaces. 

As for the post, you can optimize it by adding suitable, relevant tags. Put some of the popular but still relevant tags there, and don’t overoptimize it.


And that’s how to optimize your account on Instagram. It only takes a few minutes to make sure your account is all set to be posted with good content. With proper preparation and good content planning, you can expect more followers to come in the future.

By Inam

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