Sans Drawing

How to Draw Sans. Almost entirely created by one person, this game combines weird mechanics, a clean art style, an interesting story, and unique characters to create an unforgettable experience!

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The most well-known character in the game is the lazy skeleton Sans, who will help or oppose the player depending on their actions.

Fans of the game love dressing up or creating artwork with this adorable skeleton, and learning how to draw sans can be very useful for this goal!

Fans of the game and the character will surely appreciate the guide in front of you.

How to Draw Sans

Step 1

In video games, Sans usually needs more detail in his appearance as he is meant to match the art style of looking like a much older game.

For this Sans drawing guide, we’ll draw a much more detailed cartoon version of Sans with his signature trumpet!

To do this, we will start with his head in this first step. You can start by using two circles for their eyes. They will also have some lines coming out of them for more details.

Then you can draw two small curved lines for his nose. Next, let’s draw his signature smiling mouth. Use a curved line for the top and then add another one underneath.

Next, draw straight lines for the teeth. Finally, let’s outline his head. Use a curved line for the top of his head and a larger one for the base. You can also draw the beginning of his collar before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2

Sans sometimes plays a song on his trumpet in the video game, so now we’ll start drawing one for your Sans drawing.

First, add two curved lines at the back of his head for the back of the horn. Use more curved lines from the front of his head, resulting in two oval shapes at the end.

Next, use a few straighter lines below this trumpet section for the lower apparatus. You can also start drawing the torso and jacket before proceeding.

Step 3

For this third step of our tutorial on drawing sans, we will draw the arm and the jacket. Use a few more curvy, bumpy lines to create the jacket sleeve below the collar.

At the end of this sleeve, we’re going to add some long thin shapes with lines for her bony fingers. You can then finish the trumpet section he is holding.

Before this step, you can also draw the jacket and shirt as they appear in the reference image. Remember to add some jagged lines for his zipper on each side of the opening for his jacket!

Step 4

Next, we’ll draw the shorts he’s wearing for your sans drawing. Use slightly curved lines to outline these shorts and orient them so that the left leg is raised higher than the right. This will show that it will march when we add the legs later.

Next, add some line detail to the sides and front of his shorts, and then we’re ready to add the final elements in the next step.

Step 5

For the final details of this Sans drawing guide, we’re going to add some legs and feet for him before we color him. Use some short curved lines to start her slender legs.

Draw Sans

Then we’ll draw her shoes, and that might get tricky! As seen in the reference image, they are divided into different areas of detail by some curved and rounded lines. We’ll also add some finer details, like her swinging laces.

Once you’ve got your legs and shoes ready, you’re ready for the final step! You can even add the finishing touches before proceeding!

These touches could be a background of your favorite scene in the game or more characters that would go well with Sans.

Step 6

Now that you’ve reached the final stage of your sans drawing, you can finish it with some paint.

Sans Drawing

We’ve gone with his signature color scheme in our example image, which means lots of lighter shades of blue and gray for his clothes and bones.

We even used some nice shades of yellow on his trumpet to balance out the cooler colors!

Your Sans Drawing is Finished!

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