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To create video business cards you should learn and know a few things about them. If you’re starting a business, making a sale, attending seminars, or doing some networking, you will need a business card to establish your presence as a professional. Statistics show that 72% of people still judge businesses, by their business cards.

Technologies are getting more creative with time. A video business card is the most creative video marketing tool that makes your project exceptional from the rest. It is a printed card that opens to reveal an integrated LCD screen.


Something that visualizes your work will always make it natural and intuitive to watch. Video catches our attention, and charm our imaginations and interest. A video with sound will instantly engage the user and adds a WOW factor to your work. Video business cards are designed to share important information of you and your company, i.e; address, contact details, and QR codes with the inclusion of your key message in video form to make it eye-catching. Your video business cards design can be customized to your specification. That means you can make your card according to your choice.



 For photographers, architects, and graphic designers, it’s always better to try a portfolio-style template. It relies on imagery content that tells a better story than a traditional business card could.


If you have a specific skill, then use it in the live footage template. For an interior designer, or in any catering company, crafter, or mechanic, this the best template to show your skills.


 If you’re at a trade show trying to sell a service, this option would be your best choice to stand out from the crowd to showcase your profession. This template allows you to explain the nature of your job clearly.

These are the three best video business card templates to present your work in a very professional way. The video business card size is a 2.4” video screen in a very small 4.2” by 2.2” format, a little bigger than a standard business card.


  1. LCD SCREEN LCD screen is the most important feature of a video business card. Use only the highest quality LCD screens in your product to give it the desired effect.
  2. USB PORT With the help of a USB port you can charge your video business card. Before sending it to your clients it should be fully charged. Simply plug the video business card into the computer or cell phone charger with a mini USB cable.
  3. SPEAKERS You should have a high-quality built-in speaker in the video business card to make it more valuable. Your video will be escorted by good sound quality to ensure the maximum impact of music.
  4. MEMORY For your marketing videos, you will need plenty of storage. Just plug the card into a computer with a mini USB cable, delete the existing videos, then copy and paste a new video file.
  5. BATTERY An appropriate battery will give you 60-90 minutes of continuous playtime. This means if you have a 2-minute video, you will be able to watch it from start to end for 30-45 minutes before the battery is completely consumed.

These are the few important video business card features that are also the backbone of your card. Or you can say they give life to your card.


  • Emphasizing your tagline.
  • Add a short company overview.
  • Animating your logo to grab attention.
  • Include your bio.
  • Display photos such as portraits.
  • Animate your signature for a personal touch.
  • Close with your contact info and link in your card.

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Video business cards are the new marketing tools to make your work attractive and creative that impress your clients. Adding templates, and basic elements to your card gives a WOW factor to your content. Just make sure you have all the best features for your card that includes good quality LCD screen, speakers, battery, memory, and USB port.

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