A digital quotient is a strategic tool that can assess a company’s digital readiness at the team and enterprise levels. DQ assists enterprises in understanding their digital capabilities. It allows you to identify the areas that you need to be strengthened. It then tracks their progress in acquiring these capabilities which gives them an advantage. All key talent parameters are highly correlated with DQ. Employees with high DQ, for example, are assigned to projects more quickly. They are also more engaged and better retained, perform better on projects, and advance more rapidly in their careers. 

What does the word ‘quotient’ imply?

  • A quotient is “a specific degree or amount of something.” 
  • Fuller personal development is a crucial point.
  • Many quotients have emerged to assess a person’s capability or the portion of quotient they possess in a given area. 
  • The terms most commonly used are IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient), also known as Emotional Intelligence. 
  • Our DQ is essential in our connections with the digital world, customers, and each other in the Digital Age. 
  • It may be a good idea to test and strengthen your DQ, which a quiz or test seeks to support.

Objectives of DQ index

  • The Digital Quotient’s purpose is to assess, evaluate, and categorize individuals, teams, and enterprises’ digital readiness. 
  • DQ is data-driven and generates a complete score based on a single, straightforward unit of measurement that tracks talent’s digital maturity. 
  • It assists them in traversing a competency value chain (building breadth and depth of skills), measuring their skills, proficiency in those skills, digital exposure in adjacent areas, and expertise in continuing to work on functional prototypes. 
  • Individuals then apply their newly acquired expertise to create impact and value for their teams, clients, organizations, industries, and other stakeholders. 

Learning goals from digital quotient indexing

  • Individuals learn on the job — beyond courses and accreditations — as they develop new digital capabilities. 
  • Firms imagined a digital continuum of learning new skills.
  • It increases depth and breadth, branching out into new areas, and expertly applying these abilities to provide high-quality solutions and add value to the organization and the industry.

Outcomes of digital quotient indexing

  • DQ is the learning and career vector that employees follow. At the entry-level, you can achieve competence.
  • It is all about gaining knowledge which allows you to learn existing and new skills. 
  • The impact is the next step, in which employees use their previous expertise and experience to impact clients. 
  • The definition of midpoint is innovation, effectiveness, and the way it makes an impact through teams. 
  • Beyond this, the next step is to create value. 
  • Value includes the core leadership quality of identifying new revenue opportunities.
  • It leads to optimizing industry positioning and developing new solutions to create value for all stakeholders.

How is it beneficial for employees?

  • DQ is an individualized guide through employees’ digital skills and career journeys. 
  • It simultaneously monitors where they are on the digital continuum.
  • It provides them with a single score as a marker of their digital readiness. 
  • Employees can use the score to understand how their skills compare to others and how to become a more real competitor. 
  • Employees can use a target DQ score set as a guide as they advance their careers into highly technological areas and complex client projects. 
  • DQ assists employees in charting their paths to high-demand careers.
  • It also in jobs that match their goals, and skills that are worth pursuing.


The DQ Index develops a set compared to the reference that tracks how countries are progressing regarding the following six digital skills aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is based on its cooperative R&D platform that gathers various methodologies, investigates, and initiatives. A flexible and agile infrastructure, a clear focus on reskilling, and a digital-first mindset are the most critical enablers for maximizing DQ use.


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