Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja

On the day of his Janma Nakshatra, one does the Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja to commemorate his 70th birthday. What are Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja’s costs, vidhis, and benefits? Where and how should Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja be performed?

Once a male couple has been married for seventy years, the Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja is performed. The family members gathered to do the Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja in honour of the newlyweds. In order to get the Lord’s blessings and endowments for the marriage, Ayul Shanthi Homam and Kalasa Abhishekam are performed during Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja.

The ritual, which is a part of a god adored by the nine homas, was performed by family members and friends on the day of Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja in a meeting place, a temple, or a home. Homams for Ganapathy, Lakshmi, Amurtha Mrityunjeyar, Ayush, Danvantri, and other deities are recited before Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja commences. Kalasabhishekam follows, and the couple then exchanges garlands.

Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja: What is it?

When the year 69 ends and the year 70 begins, the Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja should be performed in the month of the Janma Nakshatra and the Tamil Birth Star.

When the male enters his 70th year, family members perform Ayul Shanthi homams (Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja), Kalasa abhishekam, and then the exchange of garlands for the pair to receive the Lord’s blessings (70th Birthday Pooja).

The couple receives Bhima Ratha Shanthi, also known as “Ayul Shanthi Homam,” which gives them energy, and health, and lengthens their lives. This helps the couple’s spiritual development and purges them of their past transgressions and bad karma.

The couple’s relatives and friends gather to witness the ceremony on this day at a temple, a gathering place, or even their home. The Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja consists of nine homams, during which Lakshmi, Ganesha, Aayush, Danvantri, Amrutha Mrityunjeyar, and other deities are worshipped. Kalasabhishekam is then performed, among other things.

What is the purpose of the Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja?

  • Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja marked the start of the male’s 70th year as well as the successful conclusion of the 69th year.
  • On the day when the Janma Nakshatra in the Janam month falls, this Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja is performed.
  • During this Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja, the main deities worshipped are Ayur devatha, Sathya devatha, and Sapta Chiranjeevi.
  • Typically, this Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja is performed to honour one’s wisdom, the blessing of witnessing younger relatives’ ageing, and the health of the family.
  • The best treatment for reducing all diseases and health problems and giving couples a long and fruitful life.

Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja’s significance

When a man reaches age 69 and enters his 70th year, Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja comes to an end. The couples do Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja in order to address any planetary issues the astrologer has identified while praising the Lord and requesting long life and good health. They do other rituals like Homas and Pujas as well. The spouse’s children or other family members commonly do Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja. As this is seen as a very important and vital time, offerings and homam are conducted in the hopes of resolving issues, extending life, and gaining good health.

In the Vedas, Shanthikarya is mentioned. Sampradayas and pooja ceremonies advise doing rituals at different ages to provide protection and good health for a person. Each of these Shanthi Karya identifies different deities and Kshetras in certain locations. To entice the cosmic powers and elicit friendliness, the book even includes requirements such as a specific flower, herbs, and the number of Ahuti (offerings made during Homam).

How much is the Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja going to cost?

The Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja costs between 5,000 and 20,000 rupees. The cost varies according to the client’s requirements. Hindus can use 99Pandit, a service with a very low cost, for assistance with their needs and their budget.

You may also get in touch with the 99Pandit team to hire a North Indian Pandit in Bangalore for Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja. Additionally, you may get in touch with the pandit directly through the website’s “Book a pandit” option. Pujas typically take between one and two hours, but if all the rituals are performed, they may continue for as long as three hours.

Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja’s advantages

  • This Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja is the best and most effective remedy for people who are afflicted with illnesses or other health issues. The Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja grants the couple great power and long life.
  • The Lord grants the practitioner a long and happy life by cleansing them of all sins and bad karma by doing this Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja ritual.
  • Their same age of 70 demonstrates how closely they are connected and have lived similar lives. Marriage is seen as a successful union. Younger generations look up to the pair as examples of how to live good lives after seeing how pleased they are together.
  • The locals gain from the Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja by having longer lives.
  • The Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja promotes positivity and mental clarity.
  • The Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja should be performed for good health and a successful career.
  • People who experience the dread of sudden death are helped by Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja.
  • Additionally, depression is treated by Ratha Bhima Shanthi Pooja, along with other persistent illnesses and mental health issues.
  • Any doshas or flaws in a person’s horoscope that are connected to premature death are removed by Bhima Ratha Shanthi Pooja.

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