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In today’s rapidly advancing world, technology has no full stop. Each day you hear about a new technology or gadgets popping up in the market. Also, from essentials to luxury, everything is getting dependent on the use of technology. Keeping the spirit high, companies and technology groups are aggressively working on machine learning. So that each new form of a product is more efficient than the previous one. In this diaspora, Artificial intelligence is playing a key role.

You might be confusing AI with some fake intelligence approach or something like that. In contrast, the word artificial is contextual. Let’s try to grab more sense here and see how artificial intelligence is established and how it works. 

What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence is the the ability of man-made machines and computer softwares to perform tasks that require human intelligence. It is something related to intelligent decision-making. The question is, how can machines make decisions?

With immersive growing technological needs and expanding use cases scientists and technologists started working on making machines smarter. They wanted machines to assist in performing tasks that required exhaustive mental activity. Moreover, to help in making thoughtful and analytical decisions.

Machines or robots with artificial intelligence can make decisions on their own. Though structured on fed principles, such machines or applications won’t require continuous back-end adaptation. These are programmed for automatic learning and can transform as per changing scenarios. This has made AI highly applicable in solving real life problems.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Real Life

We are living in an era where Artificial Intelligence has already penetrated many real-time utilities. Let’s discuss a few commonly seen examples of beneficial uses of AI. 

Positive Use Case Of Autonomous Vehicles

Almost all of the big vehicle manufacturing brands have their special research divisions for autonomous vehicle development these days. Self-driving, self-parking, navigation, and automatic collision prevention are the finest examples of AI implementations in the vehicle industry. 

Analytics And Data Sciences

Core principles of AI are helping analytical data-gathering companies to collect, measure and modify working various digital applications using adaptation. One common example is of different digital advertising platforms. These platforms verily spread ad content in different regions and time zones, depending upon the visibility and readability proportion. 

Auto-Correct And Auto-Complete

With the entitlement of invention in hardware, the user experience also matters a lot in digital gadgets. In the case of smartphones, we see different operating systems using AI. Such auto-correct and auto-completion are the most common examples. Using machine learning, these digital keyboards can predict your typing and successfully suggest an array of words that could be your possible next type. The accuracy is to the extent that sometimes you just need a few clicks to type a whole long sentence. 

Bio-Engineering And Medical Sciences

Scientists are helping biological experts and medical researchers with AI in collecting, analysing, and consolidating different forms of data for better and more precise working in their respective fields. A recent example of the Covid pandemic has it on the palm. Using data analytics and AI, it has become predictable to access the disease spread and its possible presence in a certain locality. Therefore, preventive measures can be designed accordingly. 

Enterprise Resource Plans (ERPs)

With every expanding business operation and loads of responsibilities, it is essential to automate routine organizational processes which go by digital mediums by requiring the personal presence of individuals to perform them. ERPs are helping large corporations to automate their mailing processes and communication over different mediums using AI. The introduction of AI in business settings have helped organisations generate more profits.

Numerous other real-time applications of AI are available to observe where we can see an obligatory use of this tech advancement for beneficial purposes. 

Warning signs of AI on the future of human life

Dangerous war machines

We also need to take seriously concerns about the use of AI in different segments of technology, especially modern warfare. Technologies using AI such as auto-pilot drones, missiles and other equipment bearing AI would always have a probability of miscalculating their targets due to ambiguous factors. 


Artificial intelligence is all about machine learning using big data and simulations. Its classical output is automation in various real-life roles. Hence, replacing humans will create more unemployment in the future. More people will be losing their future roles to machines.

Those who own businesses will see the categorical implementation of AI into their businesses without even measuring the impact. Risk reduction and operations simulation will blind them to the risky outcome in terms of creating proportionate joblessness. 

Individual Cyber Privacy – A Serious Threat

Many products which are AI-enabled ranging from smart-phone to smart-home systems are knocking the personal privacy of individuals. You may call it personal negligence of individuals or over an efficient reading of AI-based systems. Yet every day we hear about cyber breaches. For example, Alexa, the globally used smart control system by Amazon could be hearing unwanted voices all day at your home. Similarly, Siri, the voice recognition system of Apple, could be equally vulnerable for those users which are not very familiar with its various settings and configurations. 

With passing days, these concerns have been raised on multiple forums and are now in consideration of the tech giants. Many US court proceedings have already bound these companies to inform their users about the proper mechanism and terms of privacy. However, we think a lot is yet to be put over the table in this regard. 

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