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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been creating waves in recent years, transforming the way we live, work and interact with each other. It is now a vital part of most industries, empowering us to perform tasks that would be impossible for humans to achieve. AI is poised to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, as per a study conducted by expert analysts, proving its tremendous impact worldwide.

Another area where AI is making an impact is the field of software testing. With the pressure to deliver flawless software at an all-time high, AI has emerged as a savior for app-making companies. 

AI testing tools are revolutionizing traditional approaches to software testing by offering testers and developers a wide range of benefits:

  • Generate test cases automatically, reducing the time required for test creation
  • Facilitate identification of elements on the screen, aiding in more accurate test execution
  • Detects tiny changes in code and takes appropriate steps, reducing the need for human intervention in script updates  
  • Easier test maintenance as AI tools can extract the right amount of test scripts based on your needs
  • Improvement in test stability, decreasing the possibility of inaccurate results
  • Lets anyone script, irrespective of their coding skills
  • Provides continuous testing capabilities

It is obvious that any organization that aims to thrive and survive in this highly competitive digital market will have to spruce up its test automation with AI-testing tools.

However, it also needs to be mentioned that not all AI tools in the market perfectly fit every testing project. In fact, choosing an unsuitable tool can derail your testing efforts and waste your time, effort, and money. So, don’t hurry into the process of tool selection, but take time to go through the below list of the top AI testing tools currently available in the market.

Top 5 AI testing tools

Carefully compare the features and advantages of each tool listed below before making the final selection:

1. TestGrid

TestGrid has consistently proved to be the most reliable AI-powered end-to-end automation testing tool for software development organizations. The end-to-end testing platform has revolutionized the testing process by offering capabilities that most tools are unable to offer. 

TestGrid’s intuitive interface lets even testers with zero programming skills write & execute complex test cases effortlessly. By helping you unearth defects and bugs in applications during early development stages, it saves more than 50% of your debugging time. It accelerates your testing process, enabling you to release error-free products quicker to the market.

Key features

  • Easily author test cases in English, BDD, and CSV and paste them into its AI portal to generate test cases
  • Automate your test scenarios into actual automation steps and execute them on both mobile devices and browsers
  • Flexibly scale your testing up or down as per your requirements
  • Auto-heals your scriptless tests and prevents tests from failing by automatically relocating valid locators of broken objects
  • Test your desktop or mobile apps on real devices on the cloud or on-premise.
  • Run any number of tests in parallel and save your precious time
  • Perform cross-browser testing and API testing and derive performance metrics all in one platform
  • Derive detailed insights via test logs that facilitate easy debugging

2. mabl

It is a low-code testing platform with a powerful, intuitive GUI interface that lets testers run tests without writing test scripts. It provides a host of capabilities that enable easy collaborations with clients and stakeholders across every phase of testing.

Key features

  • Offers data-driven capabilities for real-life test cases
  • Enables performance testing, maximizing the value of existing functional tests
  • Provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard for testers
  • Lets you easily create and manage API tests
  • Offers an auto-healing feature that reduces the time needed to spend on fixing tests

3. Testim.io

It is one of the few AI-based testing tools that perform consistently well across a variety of browsers and platforms. The tool’s fast authoring capabilities enhance test coverage and quality across your applications. It provides unbeatable stability and efficiency when testing at scale.

Key features

  • Easily integrates with the tools you already use, like Jira, Jenkins, or Slack
  • Offers support for importing or exporting data
  • Facilitates activity tracking and API integration
  • Provides a troubleshooting feature that helps diagnose and resolve errors
  • Allows easy maintenance of test cases

4. TestSigma

It is a popular, cloud-based AI-powered testing tool that requires no installation. Writing test cases is easy with TestSigma since it uses natural language processing for codeless development. It is known for its robust auto-healing capabilities that facilitate easy correction of errors.

Key features

  • Allows test automation for web, mobile, desktop applications, and APIs
  • Offers data-driven features for real-life test cases
  • Integrates seamlessly with all the popular CI/CD tools
  • Provides automated scheduling capabilities
  • Allows easy set-up and creation of automated tests within minutes

5. AccelQ

It is a popular cloud-based testing tool that provides non-stop API and functional automated tests. AccelQ lets you automate mobile, desktop, web UI and APIs with its cloudless testing capabilities. It enables organizations to accelerate their automation development and decrease test maintenance costs significantly. 

Key features

  • Facilitates in-sprint automation
  • Offers an intuitive dashboard
  • Lets you store documents
  • Provides automated test creation capabilities
  • Offers lifecycle test management features


We know how challenging it is to analyze and zero in on one tool that best fits your specific need, and we hope that this list has helped you in the selection process. The platform we strongly recommend is TestGrid, which rises above all other testing tools because of its incredible features and benefits that help streamline testing processes for organizations worldwide.  

TestGrid’s AI-powered test automation has simplified the testing process significantly, letting anyone effortlessly test even highly sophisticated features of applications accurately and efficiently. The platform’s AI algorithms rapidly generate test cases, saving a significant amount of time that would have been spent on manually creating test cases. By letting you automate repetitive manual testing tasks, it allows your team to focus on more complex, stimulating challenges that are part of your development process.

With TestGrid, you can save up to 50% of your testing costs and increase your ROI in the long term.

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