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Want to get placed in a higher profile? Or, do you have a goal of getting an executive position in your favorite company? If yes, then you need an extra important skill mentioned in your resume; i.e. business acumen. Basically, business acumen is a bunch of skills that consist of both soft and hard skills to show your decision-making quality. It is not just a set of constrained principles of skills but a comprehensive way of showing knowledge through which the employer can learn that your skill sets are beneficial to the business.

What Does Business Acumen Mean?

What business acumen means in simple language is that it is a set of skills that will show your overall ability to understand the business. The company should get benefited by hiring you is the ultimate goal of any employer, and that’s where business acumen will help you to get hired.

Every highly positioned employer is expected to possess business acumen skills not only because of technicality but also because they are engaged in business-related discussions regularly. For example – If you are a good software engineer with good experience and want to apply to a company, you will be expected to grow the company with good emerging technologies worth the benefit.

Including business acumen in your resume will increase your chances of getting selected. Employers always prefer a person with skills that match highly with the required skill set. There is a big difference between adding skills that match the business requirements and the skills that may be trendy but are of no use to the particular company you are applying for. In this article, let’s focus on the benefits of business acumen and resume tips to be included in your portfolio. 

Importance Of Business Acumen  

This aspect is very trendy and a highly recommended requirement for hiring senior roles in any company, when it comes to junior, low-level positions this is not so important because they are not necessary for business sense. The positions that come under these categories are managers, executives and management roles.

Nowadays every company is focusing on hiring only candidates who have relevant business acumen skills. The traditional hiring process did not have this skillset as a necessity but now with emerging market trends and requirements, business acumen has become very important.

Examples Of Business Acumen Skills

Business acumen focuses on short-term as well as long-term business-related decisions making. Below are examples of business acumen skills according to: 

1. Strategic Business Acumen Skill Set 

  • Analyzing trends and risk management 
  • Designing roadmaps
  • Working on metrics and tracking progress
  • Creation and team management 

2. Operations Business Acumen Skill Set 

  • Capital management
  • Project management and good communication skills
  • Deep knowledge of marketing skills
  • Practice in problem-solving 

3. Financial Business Acumen Skill Set 

  • Business insight knowledge 
  • Ability to analyze performance reports
  • Resource management 
  • Exploratory data analysis including asset management 
  • Delivering, forecasting, and expertise in tools related to financial management.

Other than the above-mentioned skills, interpersonal skills are also very important for a candidate to succeed. Good interpersonal skills show you as a person with decision-making skills and good leadership qualities that will be highly required for the position you are applying for.

Points To Remember While Adding Business Acumen To Your Resume

  1. Try to add about the company – more details about the structure, model and the values the company is giving to the market.
  1. Include your business acumen in the skills section of your resume.
  1. If you find less space remaining in your resume to add more business acumen, then simply add more to the position you are applying for in 2-5 keywords.
  1. Include fair and genuine business acumen and always be in match with the job profile, the employer is only interested in the candidates that can bring benefits to the company.
  1. Add your work experiences with good keywords that can show you as a more eligible candidate.
  1. Before applying, always stay updated with the current affairs about the company and the industry the company is working in, this can help you to modify your resume in a more suitable way.
  2. Add business acumen skills to your resume and highlight them in the best way possible to land a great job. You can take the help of a free online resume builder to do the job.

Nowadays, all companies are hiring people who can work and solve real-world business problems and problems that can bring a positive change to the company’s revenue. And thus, more and more enthusiasts are using the best online resume maker available in the market. Business acumen has become very important for managers and hiring teams to select candidates based on, this helps them to create an employee committee with business sense skills. 


Business acumen is not restricted to technical or non-technical job profiles but is required in every domain and job you’re applying for. If you are an experienced person then business acumen becomes an important asset you should have, but this condition is not compulsory for freshers.

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